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Tea lights are in vogue these days and are usually purchased in bulk for light decorations. If you are also someone who could not resist buying them and now don’t know how to utilize them for home decor then these suggestions are for you. Tea lights placed in a fancy tea-light holder can multiply the beauty of your home decor if used creatively. We are here to help you and make your journey of light decorations easy and attractive. 

Here are the 7 ways in which Tea light holder can be used for your home decor: 


  • Jars as Tea light holder: Jars as Tea light holder: You must have seen the jar candles in the market. You can create the same look with your Tea lights. Jar as a tea light holder is used by many restaurants and it looks very graceful on the dinner table. It can also be decorated in multiple ways. For example, Tying a ribbon around the neck of the jar enhances its beauty, some designer tapes around the jar or you can try some paint strokes around the jar. You can try all these ways to decorate your jar and then just add a tea light to it. We at Ellementry can help you provide such multipurpose jars that can be used for storage as well as can be utilized as tea light holders. You can also use any heat resistant glass in the house and use it in a similar way. 


  • Floating Tea lights Holders: Big bowl can be used as a tea light holder for light decoration. How about floating tea lights in a bowl full of water with some rose petals? Isn't it a great idea! Next time when you have a house party, use this idea and place the bowl at your entrance. It will light up your house entrance and will also act as a showpiece. You can use any kind of bowl you like for your floating tea-lights. The size of the bowl will depend upon how many tea lights you want to light and the space you have for this kind of light decorations at your entrance. If you are looking for bowls, you can check out some of them at Ellementry website. Make sure the kind of bowl you choose goes with your home decor. You can choose a marble bowl for a wooden floor/table and vice versa.


  • Seashell Tea light holder: If you are fond of collecting seashells or you collected seashells just like that from your last visit to the beach, now it’s the time to use them as tea light holders. But the size of your seashells should be good enough to give space to tea light in it. It’s another great idea for light decoration and it looks beautiful on the dinner table in summers. Restaurants use this concept on beachside dinner tables to enhance the look of the ambience.


  • Eggshells as tea light holders: This is one of the most creative ideas. So this time when you will make an omelette, don't throw the eggshell away. Try this new exercise where wash them carefully and add the paint colour of your choice to it. You can also try making designs of your choice using a paintbrush to make it match with your background or furniture. Then just insert a tea light in it and enjoy your light decoration. Also, don't throw the egg tray away. It will act as a holder for multiple tea light holders. So this time, don't just whisk it, light it too. 


  • Orange peels Tea light holder: This is another innovative way to create a tea light holder at home without much mess and effort. The orange can be peeled in a way that can give two pieces of orange shells. In each shell, you can put a tea-light and you are all set for the party. The natural orange colour itself looks so beautiful. You can use such tea holders for dinner parties. You can place them in the kitchen, dining table or in the garden for light decorations. They simply look great. 



  • Tree log as tea light holder: You can house your tea lights on a tree log too. All you need to do is to grab a small piece of log with a flat surface. Dig some holes in it so that tea lights can perfectly fit into it. This is how you can create a tea light holder with a natural beauty that is a perfect fit for your home decor. Afterall a wooden effect never goes wrong as we always have some wooden furniture in the house that can complement this kind of light decor. 


  • Marble tea light holders: When you are not in a mood to be creative and simply want to buy a tea light holder, you can always buy one. Visit our website to check out our marble tea light holders. They are available in two colours, black and white. They are a beautiful and perfect fit for any kind of table. They will add grace to your light decorations without any hassle. We have taken care of creativity for you. 

We think you are good to go now for the light decorations in your house. Go ahead. Happy lighting and keep decorating with us!

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