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Humans spend a considerable amount of time indoors. Whether it is our home or office, we are indoors for the most part of the day. The modern-day architecture, decor and technology are such that it keeps you hooked for hours. But the freshness and soothing appeal of the home or indoors is amiss. 

When the hot summer sun starts shining bright, staying inside the home or office becomes unbearable. Fans and air conditioning do a good job, but still, they are not enough. So, what a modern home or office needs is something to bring freshness indoors. The best way of doing that is by adding plants to your indoor environment.

There is nothing to worry about because planters won’t take away the beauty of your home. Ellementry is one such home products seller that offers some of the most stellar home decor items that will mesmerize you. 

Planter Pot

Since its inception, Ellementry has been a firm believer in providing people with products that are handmade, sustainable and meet form and function. Every planter that you will buy from the site is handmade by the most talented artisans.  

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What’s exciting about having planters inside the home is that it makes the house look stunningly beautiful. Furthermore, plants will enhance the quality of air and make the house cooler on hot summer days. 

Are you wondering how will that happen? Plants lose water during transpiration, and that is what cools the air around the plants. The result will be fresh and purified home. Decor flower pots offered by Ellementry are high in style. You can place them anywhere in your home. 

If your office cubicle or workspace needs a little freshness, you can opt for a small planter from Place it on your work desk and add a bright element. Harmful toxins will also get removed from the air, allowing you to breathe in a clean one. Now, let’s take a look at some top options that you can order right away from 

Ort Ceramic Planter (Tall)

Make your bedroom, living room and dining room look pleasant and smell fresh with ort ceramic planter (tall). The clean, white colour will perfectly gel with every decor scheme. It will further enrich the ambience inside your home. 

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The planter also makes a perfect gift. If you are worried that the planter will make a mess, then you must know that it comes with a drip tray. Excess water will get trapped inside it, and there will be no spills. The decor pot will also prevent watermarks on the surface. 

Teravak Embossed Planter (Short)

Do you wish to add an earthy element to your bedroom? Do you want a small planter that could be placed on your bedside table? Teravak embossed planter (short) will meet your various needs most suitably. 

Made from terracotta, this planter adds an earthy feel to the decor. The embossed pattern will enhance the look of your room. This planter also comes with a drip tray to keep your area mess-free. The decor flower pots are handcrafted and can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe. 

Ljo Ceramic Planter With Stand

This planter will appeal to most plant lovers. You can incorporate plants in more numbers into your home that will make the house cooler and flush out the toxins from the air. 

The beautiful green colour of the plants complemented by the subtle hue of the planter will add a whole new appeal to how the indoors look. The planter comes with a wooden stand, giving it more height and visibility. 

Ort Ceramic Planter (Short)

This little cutie is ideal to be placed in a workspace. As it is short in size, it will sit snugly on your work desk and enhance its appeal. You will feel more energetic when surrounded by your favourite plant. The drip tray will hold the excess water and save you from the mess. 

These amazing planters are great for every home and office. So, don’t wait, buy them conveniently from Once you will start using these planters, you will notice the change in the indoor environment and feel the freshness in air. 

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