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Are you confused over using cloth napkins over paper towels and napkins? Have you ever thought about how much bucks you would have saved if you bought napkins instead of paper towels? We will help you with some research work and make it easy for you to understand the reasons to go for cloth napkins. 

Well, it may not be something that people think about a lot but, if assessed properly it will give you an eye-opening experience for sure! Understanding this will not only help you save money but a lot of time as well. These small changes can make a huge difference! In fact, there are a number of people shifting towards Ellementry to avail the best of cotton napkins that have helped a lot more in comparison to paper towels.

But, going for these transitions can take time. With so many aspects and questions in mind, you might still be confused! There will be questions like:

  • Which will help you save money, cloth napkins or paper towels?
  • Which product is more eco-friendly?  You need to check the use of gas and electricity in both the products. Not only this, but you also need to check the water usage to wash your cloth napkins and the disposal created of your paper towels precisely to come to a conclusion.
  • Whether paper towels are more hygienic or are it cloth napkins?  Are you spreading more germs by using paper towels? 

With so many questions in mind, it does get difficult for one to get the transition done. But, we will help you understand why the transition is important for you! Moving to cloth napkins is the right move because compared to paper towels it will save you money and time as well! If you are washing your cloth napkins regularly then it is equal in terms of being hygienic when compared to paper towels. And when it comes to being eco-friendly, reusing a product for a long time is definitely better than throwing it after one use.  

Take a look at the reason why you must always hop on to Ellementry and consider adding the cloth napkins in your cart over paper towels:

  1. Pocket-Friendly Over Long Period Investment

There is a wide range of sustainably-made cloth napkins that will certainly help you save a lot of bucks. These cloth napkins are a lot more affordable when compared to buying paper napkins over a long time period. Yes, buying for a long term can certainly give a lot more than just an edge to your dining table because it will certainly save you quite a lot. You can always buy cloth napkins from Ellementry within your range. The quality is more than satisfying and will certainly help you avail the best use. So, if you are looking for something affordable, going for cloth napkins will always be favourable. 

  1. Better In Looks 

When compared to paper towels and napkins, Cloth napkins certainly looks a lot better and attractive. You just cannot ignore presentation when it comes to the serving. It does play a huge role! So, whether it’s about packing lunch boxes for work or having meals at your home, cloth napkins will certainly give you the best feel than anything else. You can get it according to your dining decor as well. Visit Ellementry today to check out some of the napkins than can enhance the beauty of your dining table.

  1. Durable

Cloth napkins also give you durability. On special occasions, with many guests at home, you will run out of napkins. While having your BBQ, you will certainly forget the count of your paper napkins. But, if you use cloth napkins, you will certainly keep the count with ease. You can wash them right after your meal and therefore there will be a lot less wastage coming your way. With Ellementry, you will always be benefited with high-quality cotton napkins, table mats, runners that will help you with high durability. 

  1. Kid-Friendly 

Well, it is quite easy for kids to get hold of these napkins and play with them. They can tear apart the paper napkins and it becomes a complete waste of money for you. But, with cloth napkins, it can’t be done. So, you can keep these napkins on the table without any stress at all. It will help you get away from any wastage at all!

  1. Less Trash

With the use of cloth napkins, the amount of trash generated will get less. Every single year, millions of tons of trash are being thrown away. This not only destroys natural resources but also becomes a huge trouble for wildlife. Doing a bit will certainly help you make a difference. Going for cloth napkins will certainly help you do you a little bit for nature. There will be no trash of paper napkins and you will make a difference being a responsible citizen.

Final Words

It’s pretty clear why you must avoid using paper towels and instead, use cloth napkins. In fact, getting expensive cloth napkins will also keep you ahead rather than going for paper ones. The impact of paper napkins on natural resources is quite unacceptable and the use of cloth napkins will certainly help you deal with it. And not only this, but you will also be benefited with the attributes of it as it will help you in decorating your dining table better. So, you must not think twice about it and hop on to Ellementry to avail the best of cotton cloth napkins. 

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