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Inviting your loved ones for a meal is always fun, no matter whether the occasion is big or small. As much as you enjoy being a host, it does come with some challenges. What food to serve? How to impress the guests with your plating skills? How to set up your dining table that is attractive yet practical? To have a good table set up, you don’t need expensive silverware. All you need to do is take care of little details and be creative.

More often than not, the table setting is the last minute and hurried task which leaves you confused about the right placement of napkins, table cover and glassware. Well, fret not, with these easy tips set up your dining table, your dinner plans will no longer be stressful!

It is always a good idea, to begin with, the basics. Set up the ambience, dress your table in a table cover and place your serve ware.

Read ahead to find out more on how you can be a party pro and impress your guests! You must also visit Ellementry to buy some of the coolest products for your dining table that will help you set up better.

Consider the occasion

This is the first step to set up your dining table. Consider the occasion, whether it’s a birthday party of your child or a Sunday brunch with friends, your table set up will depend largely on that. It is important that your table setting matches the affair. Also, keep in mind the theme and colour coordination too.

Set up the ambience

Before you choose your table accessories, make sure you have set up the ambience. Tidy up the room, declutter the area and vacuum and dust if needed. Remember, to have an enjoyable meal, the ambience plays an important role.

If you are eating outdoors, for instance, ensure that the table is not placed in direct sun. Also, make sure there is no debris or leaves in the area.

Lay the tablecloth

Before you place the table cloth, cover the table with a thick cotton cloth, also known as damask. This offers some comfort to the guest while resting their arms on the table. It also helps in reducing noise when placing silverware.

Finally, lay the table cover depending on the theme of your meal. Also, keep in mind the season, size and shape of your table. The corners of your table cover should cover a part of the leg of your tables. Keep your table cover ironed to avoid wrinkles.

We recommend these beautiful classic cotton table cover for small tables from Ellementry.

Be wise in choosing your crockery

When you set up your dining table, pick crockery that will look good on your table. Besides colours, prints and design, there are a lot of options in material too. You can choose from chinaware, glass, ceramic and porcelain. Do not be afraid to mix and match the colours and materials.

Formal or informal setup

Often when we talk about setting up a table, it seems a set up for a formal setting. But that is not the case. You can choose to set up your dining table for guests to serve on their own and be more comfortable. This will make them feel home and the gathering will be a little more informal.

Fold your napkins

There are numerous ways to fold a napkin. Choose a style that goes with the time you have, your level of patience and skill.  You can use napkin rings or even place the napkins on the plate. You can buy napkins and napkin rings from Ellementry.

Add a pop of colour

A little touch of colour goes a long way. You can do this by using a colourful table cover or using colourful accessories. You can even pick dinnerware with colourful accents. There is even a wide array of napkins in prints and colours to choose from that can bring zing to your table.

Pick an interesting centrepiece.

A nice well-chosen centrepiece is the highlight of a dining table set up. It might be a big candle holder with T-lights and votive or a bouquet of nicely arranged flowers. The occasion is also a huge deciding factor when it comes to deciding the centrepiece. For instance, a candle holder for a birthday party set up for a kid’s birthday is not such a good idea. You can, however, have an attractive cupcake stand to add some charm to the table.

Have a creative flower arrangement.

While flowers are often used as excellent centrepieces, you can even break them up and make smaller arrangements in smaller vases. The flowers can alternatively also be scattered around the table for each diner. Another great idea is to line small-sized vases with similar flowers at the centre to bring some visual interest to your table.

Ensure your table has all that you need

You must not wait for your guest to ask for anything. You will be too busy running around and will miss out on the fun of being with everyone. So, when you plan the meal and set up your dining table, be aware of all the cutlery and condiments that may be required. You can even label all the accoutrements to make it easier for people.

Experiment with the table cover fabric.

When you talk about fabric, it is the fabric of table cover and napkins. Experiment with designs, prints and colours to match with the themes. The table cover is one of the important accessories for the dining table and is capable of bringing drama and excitement to the setup. A daisy cotton table cover from Ellementry can just refresh the vibe of your dinner scenes.

With these simple and practical tips in hand, are you ready to set up your dining table? Do not wait for the next event, make an ordinary meal with your other half interesting and enjoy the lovely set up. Experiment with different themes every now and then and be the talk of the town for your dining table skills! Do you have any more tips that you can share? Do let us know. Found this post useful? Why not share it with your friends and family? Visit Ellementry today to buy items for your dining table.

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