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For those who like to cook, the COVID-19 lockdown has provided you with the perfect opportunity to test your culinary prowess. After all, no one is allowed to leave the house, so what is better than cooking up a delectable meal and passing time favourably.

Now, when it comes to cooking, you need to choose the right ingredients and spices to make a dish delectable and flavourful. However, often, you might not have the right condiments and spices up in your stock.

Well, do not worry, as the convenience stores are always open. Therefore, if you are planning to cook up a few good meals, it is important that you stock up some regular ingredients, which can help you cook a plethora of items.

Now, you might be wondering, what kind of ingredients, to use for cooking up a wide assortment of dishes. Well, it is obviously salt and pepper, but these are prerequisites. So, apart from these, let’s countdown 6 important ingredients every family need for cooking up a storm this quarantine.

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  1. Turmeric

    One of the core ingredients no Indian household can do without is turmeric, the golden spice. This one has a beautiful golden colour and has tons of anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that make turmeric a super spice.

    Its many perks include its ability to boost heart and brain health. Turmeric can moreover slow down the ageing process, clean acne, and detox the body of harmful toxins and chemicals.

    Now, turmeric can also be used for consuming turmeric milk and this can help detox the body very easily. Additionally, turmeric is the main component in our regular dals or lentils. Apart from this, turmeric is used to make certain curries like navratna curry and shahi korma. It is also used to make khichidi, the wholesome Indian food for the soul.

    Now, apart from this, turmeric is ideal for face masks, and many other things, that can result in glowing and beautiful skin. In short, turmeric with its multiple health properties is one ingredient no household can do without.

  2. Ginger

    Ginger is a traditional dish, which is used in almost any succulent meal preparation. It is a spiced herbal plant, which is used in popular dishes like Kadai chicken, mixed vegetables, Kadai paneer and khichdi. However, that’s not all, ginger is also used to flavour daals, lentils, pulao, and many other culinary cuisines of India that stir the senses and win hearts of all. Apart from this, it is a good idea to own ginger, simply owing to its natural antioxidant properties.

    Ginger is ideal to treat inflammations, as well as illnesses like sore throat and cough. Owing to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agents, it is ideal for those who wish to warm up their bodies and feel fit.

    One of the best ways to use ginger is to make ginger tea. This one is made with milk, cardamom, cloves, and spices that are enough to stir the senses and make one feel refreshed.

  3. Cardamom

    Cardamom is one spice we often see our moms use in making their delicious dishes. The art of mixing and crushing cardamoms is practised in many households as these green and black beans, pack quite a potent punch when it comes to flavouring meals.

    Black cardamom is very popular owing to its taste and smell. In fact, it is so strong that many times one big fat black elaichi is enough to add a sweet and savoury aromatic tinge to meals. You can add black cardamom in biriyani, curries, pulaos, and many other assorted dishes. These minty, floral seeds will surely pack the right amount of tanginess and flavour to your daily meals.

    On the other hand, another variant of cardamom is the green one. This one is quite small in size, and you only need to add three to four pods in a dish to flavour lentils, teas and other aromatic dishes. Cardamom too is rich in healing properties, which can make the soul fit and supple.

  4. Coriander Powder

    Coriander powder is another most used ingredient in the Indian kitchen. This one possesses a herbal flavouring with a minty undertone and hence, when mixed with, turmeric, ginger, chilli powder and cumin, this one is ideal for flavouring a meal to perfection.

    You can also use coriander powder, to marinade and cook items like prawns, fish, meat, and chicken.

    It is rich in iron, copper, zinc and has all the good properties necessary to boost RBC in the body. It is also useful for bolstering heart and brain health. What’s more? Coriander powder is an excellent addition to tandoori meals. You can flavour fully cooked meat with coriander to add an extra edge to your daily meals.

  5. Garlic

    Everyone uses garlic and it is one of the most common ingredients used for flavouring dishes. Garlic has a potent and pungent aroma, but even with its sulphur compounds, it has tons of health benefits attached to it.

    Garlic can help reduce inflammation, can cure cough and cold and is also well known for its anti-microbial properties. Not to mention, the pungent tinge of garlic is very useful when it comes to flavouring dishes. You can add garlic to dishes like Garlic Naan, Saag Paneer, Dal Makhani and many other dishes.

    Consuming garlic is also well known to control heath ailments like blood pressure and heart health.

  6. Cheese

    There is nothing in the world that cannot be fixed with cheese, and this saying stays as strong as ever. Cheese is something every household needs to own, as there are tons of recipes you can whip up with the right amount of cheese.

    For example, take white sauce or red sauce pasta. The white sauce pasta requires the use of cheese to give it a creamy and delectable texture. All you need to do is make some white sauce with flour and butter, and once done add 1-2 slices of cheese for flavour. This one will melt in the sauce and give the necessary cheesy texture to the dish.

    Apart from this, you can use cheese to make pizzas, crepes, homemade instant noodles and so much more. After all, a little bit of cheese is all you need to highlight a dish and add a certain edge to the flavours. Even, boring instant noodles taste so much better with a slice of cheese melted in them.

    On that note, now that you are aware of the 6 ingredients you must own during the lockdown, you must buy these. For now, this is the end, but don’t you fret, Ellementry will be back with more such enticing blogs. Cheers!

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