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Are you planning to throw a grand office party this week? If you are, chances are you have invited your boss, fellow employees and loads of important personnel's who can help you transform your career for the better. 

However, unlike home parties, office parties are not casual. You need to make an impression, and that too, a good one. Thus, along with the décor, ambience and refreshments, you also need to focus on the food. 

Additionally, the starters are the most crucial items you need to be vigilant of! Why? Well, these are the items that’ll make the first impressions of course! Therefore, depending on the people at the party, you need to decide the type of things to serve. 

Now, if you have brunch or a soiree party, you might be planning to serve the quintessential cakes, sweets and savouries. Therefore, you must invest in a cake stand to make your presentation game strong. 

However, when it comes to sweets or savouries, you might be confused as to what goes better on the cake stands. Well, we can help you out! 

Today, we are going to discuss sweets vs savouries, and at the end of this blog, you can decide what to pick and flaunt in your designer cake stand

Let’s Get Started: 

Sweet Dishes to Serve in a Cake Stand 


  • Muffins 


Who doesn’t like muffins? These are small to medium-sized part-raised flatbreads which are moulded and baked to form little cupcake like items. These are of many kinds and are made with fruits, nuts, flour, chocolate, sugar, eggs and baking soda and more. 

What's more? The creamy and crunchy texture of muffins makes these ideal for any kind of soirees. You can make chocolate chip muffins, to oats muffins or blueberry muffins and serve these in your cake stand. 

For example, if you have invested in a mango wood two-tier cake stand, you can decorate the first layer of the cake stand with blueberry muffins and in the second layer, add chocolate chip muffins. This layout will look simply elegant and thus, will result in improving the culinary appeal of your dining table. 


  • Pistachio Firni 


When it comes to decorating your cake stand, you should always opt for thinking out of the box. Therefore, opting for rice-pudding or firni isn’t a bad choice. This rice pudding is very easy to make! All you need to do is boil milk, sugar, rice and add the necessary ingredients and in less than 30 minutes, you have a delectable sweet dish at your service. 

This one is creamy, delicate and very soothing to taste. What's more? You can easily place these firnis atop one another to create a hill of firnis, which will look very picturesque in a cake stand. 

For this item, it is best to invest in a Sheesham wooden cake stand. The wooden texture beneath the firnis would give off an old-world charm ideal for soirees. You can get this variety of cake stand from any reliable home décor shop. For best results, you can check Ellementry, they have a wide assortment of cake stands ideal for any kind of parties. 

  1. Kaju ki Katli 

Indians love kaju ki katli, these are diamond-shaped sweets made from milk, nuts, cashews and sugar. Easy to make and diving to taste, these little barfis have been used for many decades during parties, pujas, events and any auspicious occasions. 

You can, moreover, make several variations of these Kaju ki katlis; from fruit kaji ki kalti, to kesar ones and even ones made of nuts; the flavouring of these kaju ki kalis are what makes these ideal for soirees. These are mildly sweet, with a nutty flavouring that leaves a subtle but sweet undertaste. 

What's more? Thanks to their small sizes, you can get very creative, when it comes to decorating cake stands with these kaju ki katlis.  

Take a two-tier cake stand and place the kaju ki katlis along the sides of each to resemble a floral layout. This way, the cake stand will look fuller and more prominent too! 


  • Flavoured Macaroons 


When it comes to cake stand decoration, you cannot simply go wrong with macaroons. These are a mix between cakes and cookies and are made from sugar, nuts, almonds, and pack loads of unique flavouring.  

These are often sandwiched with cream and are made of unique food colouring. These macaroons are firstly real winner owing to their gorgeous designs and colours. What's more? When you place these different flavoured macaroons strategically and artfully in a cake stand, these radiate style and panache. 

Therefore, serving macaroons to guests is a good way to build an impression and impress them with your artful culinary styles. 

For macaroons, you can get quartz centred wooden cake stands, which look stylish and easy-going. 



  • Crunchy Sweet Potato Wedges 


The crunchy sweet potato wedge is an ideal savoury dish you can flaunt in your classic cake stand. This one comes with soft gooey cheese on the inside and offers the right layers of crunch on the outside. Thus, the crunchy sweet potato wedge is all-time comfort food, ideal for your guests. 

What's more, you can make these wedges in any size and categorically place these on the cake stand to give it a nice artful touch. 


  • Cauliflower Brownie Egg Cups 


Low carbs and health-friendly, these cauliflower brownie egg cups are a real treat for tired souls. These come with tasty mashed cauliflower pastes on the inside and are topped with baked egg poach on the top. 

Very eye-catching to look at, these items are ideal for any kind of parties as well as soirees. On that note, you can try serving these cauliflower brownie egg cups in your cake stands instead of a platter. 

The reason being, this cake stand will undoubtedly make the brownies look less condensed and will also give them a little lift, which is eye-catching!  


  • Shepherd’s Pie 


No one can ever go wrong with the classic shepherd’s pie! Made from a rich meat filling, with a combination of mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese, the shepherd's pie is very tasty and delectable. 

What's more? Owing to their tart like shapes, these shepherd’s pie looks amazing on cake stands. For this item, you can either go for a two-tier mango cake stand or a Sheesham wooden cake stand. 

On that note, both sweet and savoury dishes have a unique appeal, but in the end, it comes down to presentation. If you learn the art of presentation, you can serve both sweet and savoury dishes in your cake stands to impress your colleagues.  

Just ensure to invest in good cake stands to compliment your food presentation. For best results, you can check out websites like Ellementry.

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