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The beautiful mundane

In the everyday rush, we often pause for a few special moments that are anything but planned. The whiff of our favourite cake coming from the kitchen. The familiar voice of an old friend on the other line. A sudden glimpse of the deep blue sky outside, the unexpected but heavily desired brushing of shoulders or an unknown smile behind the veil of a steaming coffee cup. Moments from our routine that define one day from another in our head.

If the rush of routine is crucial for surviving, these intervening pauses are what we live for. Looking closely, our every day is filled with beautiful moments waiting to be discovered. So when it comes to elements that paint a picture of our everyday life, why do we have to choose between beauty and utility?

As we walk into the 73rd Independence day, we at Ellementry can’t help but ponder over freedom. The freedom to choose both beauty and utility. Why can’t a utensil holder stand tall against a vase? Why can’t recycled paper don an aesthetic get-up? Why do cloches need a butler and an uptown hotel?

Why should occasions have all the fun?

We deserve the freedom to shift a Saturday night to a Tuesday night. To throw a party but invite no one but our favourite thriller novel. To have a Sunday brunch with our loved ones, at home. 

So as we vouch for the quintessential freedom of expression, and cherish the freedom of speech and our right to freedom itself, let’s work towards breaking every day patterns. Towards the freedom from mundane.

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