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Loved ones are worthy of special treatment. Once in a while, you have to make them feel loved and appreciated for their unconditional support and care. You can also call it a necessity for a healthy relationship. You may wonder that why is it significant at all? Are said words not enough? 

Well, they are not. Quality time helps you foster intimacy and communication. Such moments deepens your bond with your partner. It is also not essential to keep the occasion lavish or extravagant in style. Sometimes, a simple-looking and quiet setting work more than anything. With Ellementry kitchenware & decor, you can impress your better half with elegance and minimum efforts. 

There was no time like the present where we cannot leave our houses and have to stay inside 24\7. None of us imagined for this to happen ever. But, now that humans do not have any choice, you have to figure out a way to do all the activities at your place. 

Brown Mango Wood Serving Platter


For the romantic dinner, there are some points that you have to keep in mind before taking your ideas forward. 

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The decor: If you are thinking about what could be arranged within the walls of your abode, then you are wrong. There is so much that you can do. The best location for the set-up would be your balcony. Keep your bean bags, a coffee table there. Hang some lights. Put on some good mood-setting music, and it is done. 

Games: Do not just serve the food in the beginning. Start with fun-filled games. You can go for board games or video games. Whichever one your soul mate loves. 

Movie: If not games, you can watch a love story movie. Microwave some popcorn, finger food, and set the lights. You are ready! 

Food: This is the trickiest as well as a most prominent part. Prepare your mate's favourites by your hand. It will show how much they mean to you. Make sure not to serve in ordinary-looking serveware. Bring out the best you have in your crockery & cutlery collection. 

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Here are some products by Ellementry that might help you with your evening. 

Hibiscus glow assorted wax candles set of five

If you are going for candle-light nosh-up, this is for you. Place and lit the entire 5-wax candles on the table. They will gleam through their beautiful crystal glass jar. It is perfect for making the mood for the meal. Other than your personal use, the set is also the best gifting idea for friends and relatives during the festive season. 

Carbon ceramic chip-n-dip

If you have decided to watch a Bollywood classic film, then along with corns, chips are considered best for binge eating. Open a pack and put them all in this ceramic tray. Fill the bowl with the dip and place it in the middle. The hand-marbled texture is something you cannot resist. If not chips, serve nachos and fries or anything you like as the evening starts to roll. 

Chip and Dip Platter


Sienna terracotta bottle cooler

Usually, when you are out with the love of your life, wine or champagne is the beverage you start your evening with; Do the same at your house as well. Bring a bottle of premium wine. Put it in this bottle cooler made from terracotta which is famous for its cooling retention property. You can keep it on your bar. It will only enhance your level of celebration. 

Oak pasta measure 4 portion oval natural

Pasta is, wholeheartedly, savoured by all. Cook it with extra cheese and sauce and make your loved one fall in love with you all over again. This piece will help you to measure the appropriate quantity. You would not want to waste any of it, right! Be the ultimate pasta chef with this measuring instrument. 

After doing all this, the most crucial thing is to be in the moment. Keep your cell phones aside and enjoy each other’s company. Talk, relax, and have fun. Do not fight. A date is not a place to start an argument. Keep your mood calm and cheerful. 

Dress nicely, put on a good cologne. Let your other half know how much you embrace their presence in your life. Ellementry with all its products will help in every way possible. From ultimate cookware to fancy decor pieces, you will get it all here. 

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