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In medieval times, people used to be sloppy and used to create a mess. People in that era used to decorate their tables with tablecloths which were considered to be an aristocratic invention. The table and its accessories need to be protected from people who spill and drool on the table and create a mess. The history of table runners explained that it was invented in order to protect the table cloth and to give the table a special attraction.

The main aim of innovating table runners according to history is to avoid the unnecessary laundering of the table cloth. The major portion of the table cloth can be covered up by the table runners. Since the 15th-century, table runners have become a stagnant part of the table cloth. Table runners are a long piece of cloth that runs along with the tablecloth from one end to another. 

Types of Table runners based on material

The history of table runners also explored different types of cloth material used initially and in current trends. The material of the table runner is according to the event it will be used for and so it varies from simple to fancy. A wide range of cloth material is also used to design table runners like cotton, silk, polyester, and linen. To make it fancier women in initial days used their handcraft and art of embroidery to decorate it. But with the advancement and introduction of machinery different patterns are available like patchwork, stamping, and beading. These days plastic, vinyl, and paper made table runners are available in the market. 

Uses of Table runners

According to the history of table runners, it can be used in several ways and the main use is to cover the length of the tablecloth. It is generally used with a length of 6”-12” longer than the tablecloth but sometimes can also be used with the same length as well. In some instances, it has been used with a smaller length to give the centrepiece special attention. A slightly different but the best use of table runner can be seen as its runner across the width of the table. In this pattern, it serves as the placemat for the dining table and saves the tablecloth from spills. 

With the history of table runners, people came to know about multiple uses of table runners. It is considered as one of the best mediums of decorating the dining table or kitchen island both through the length or width. A table runner can create a unique pattern along with the tablecloth and make table decoration special. 

As per the history of table runners, they are used to save the tablecloth from unnecessary laundering but these days people directly place table runners on the table. This helps in giving the table a different pattern and can also save the table from spills and mess. Because of its material, it acts as special protection to the surface of the table from heat, watermarks, moisture, etc. 

Table runners for all occasions

Any formal or informal dinner demands for the perfect setup of the table. A runner running across the table makes it perfect and it has also been mentioned in the history of table runners that each event needs the best table decor. To make your table perfect you can buy runners from Ellementry. 

Table decor using a Table runner

A dining table needs to be managed in such a way so that no mess on the table can affect the beauty of tablecloth. History of table runners let us know that these are inventions for protecting tablecloths and the surface of the table from spills and moisture. Table runners are used to decorating the table in various ways as mentioned earlier like lengthwise or along the width of the table. Not only this, table runners suit best for decorating round tables during parties. Table runners can be placed in the “X” manner on the round table to make it perfect for the celebration. 

Table runners can be arranged according to the colour of the tablecloth. A wedding reception is a time when a person wants to have a perfect evening with his family and friends, so just make it beautiful with the elegant decoration. Decorate the tables with silk tablecloth and a beautiful runner from Ellementry collection. On Ellementry you can find cotton table runners that complement the pattern of your tablecloth and give reception table perfect look. 

Tables can be decorated solely with short length table runners that are best for the centrepiece. A centrepiece might remain unrecognized if it does not have any base. A short length table runner can complement the centrepiece of the table and make it more attractive. Decorating a table with table runners reminds us of the history of table runners and the mark of the success of the innovation of women from medieval times. 

This article is all about the history of runners and with what aim women decide to innovate these. Table runners are not only a mode of decorating table but also giving an elegant decoration that is completely unique. So it's time for you to go for the best decoration for any informal or formal dinner night with some beautiful table runners. Buy runners from Ellementry and decorate the table for dinner parties, wedding reception, and formal dinners. Let the table define your understanding of the decor to your friends and family.

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