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You recently went to a restaurant that was very fancy. They had all sorts of beautiful dishes and décor and each dish was served to ultimate perfection. The platters were all glamorous and some of the international cuisines were served in a turntable sort of item, that you could rotate for distributing the food.

This item totally captivated you to no bounds. But you had no idea what it was called! Well, we will tell you! That item is question is called a Lazy Susan. This one is a unique miniature centre table, which is made of wood, glass or plastic. 

You can use this counter table to delicately and artfully serve your family dishes. Now, if you have taken this immense liking to the Lazy Susan, chances are you are thinking of buying one for your family.

That is a great choice. You can do a lot with your lazy Susan. However, before you set out to buy the Lazy Susan, do you know of all the ways to use it?

We think not! Thus, sit back and give this blog a read, so that we can enlighten you on the uses of the lazy Susan.

Let’s Get Started:

Purpose of Lazy Susan:

The purpose of the lazy Susan is to serve meals in an artistic way. Additionally, with the help of this item, you can easily balance a meal and hold it in securely. Further, the lazy Susan prevents any chance of meals toppling over or spilling.

Hence, thanks to these items, the dinner table looks very neat and clean. Lastly, the lazy Susan has a rotatable body and hence, it allows one to rotate the dish in a table and take their choice of food with ease.

Places to Use the Lazy Susan


You can serve your birthday dinner in a lazy Susan or even your birthday cake in this item. The reason being, the Lazy Susan is easily rotatable; thus, if you are serving your classic dinner in this turn table, it will look very stylish.

Not to mention, if you have guests over, they can easily rotate the table and take the food they want. 

Office Parties

If you are the CEO of your company, chances are you often host celebratory dinners for your business partners and colleagues. However, the common trait of business meetings is conversing during eating.

Now, when a person is conversing with you, it can often prove to be difficult to be the good host and cater to their needs. So, why not let the guests cater to their own needs? You can do this via the lazy Susan. 

Simply place the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table, and guests who are need of items, can turn this over and take what they want. This way, they can converse with you and serve the right kind of items as per their needs.


Wedding/receptions often involve the use of buffets. Now, in buffets it is often a good idea to include a lazy Susan or two. For example, if you have a cake which is cut into many pieces, it is a good idea, to use a Lazy Susan.

Why? Well, firstly, the cake will be easily supported in the lazy Susan and won’t mess up the dinner table. Secondly, as the item in question is easily rotatable, your guests can rotate it as per their needs, and pick the cake piece for themselves.

Similarly, you can use your lazy Susan, to keep starters, desserts, and many other delectable.

At Home Parties

One of the most popular places you can use the Lazy Susan is at home parties. These parties are ideal for showcasing your food aesthetics.

Luckily, the most interesting thing you can do with a lazy Susan is showcase quality food aesthetics. Now, this contemporary era of social media, already showed us how people love food aesthetics. Instagram has tons of food bloggers, who showcase optimal skills with food photography and dining. Some of these involve artful dishes, well set tables and more.

Now, you can use your Lazy Susan to decorate a table. Once you do, it will look vibrant and stunning and you can easily get a lot of likes on social media. 

On that note, you can serve an assortment of cuisines in your lazy Susan like Asian, Spanish, Middle East etc. The various cuisines will make your table look bright and colourful, which is ideal for impressing your social media followers. 

All you need to do is deck up you Lazy Susan in an artful manner. You can take the help of Tumblr, or online blogs to decorate the Lazy Susan with ease. 

Well, now if you are thinking of opting for a lazy Susan, you can get a mango teak wooden one. This one has a ribbed body and looks very stylish on the dinner table. You can find this type in any reputed online website. However, if you are looking for suggestions, we recommend Ellementry.

Why to Use the Lazy Susan?

1) Convenience

The lazy Susan might be a small item that simply looks good, but this one has a lot of convenience. After all, you can use this for your guests who are present. Simply place your dish on the lazy Susan, and your guests can rotate these and take their food items.

Setting up a lazy Susan is also very easy. All you need to do is place in in the centre of a table and arrange your dishes in accordance to your needs. What's more? It is beautiful and low maintenance; as in, if you want to clean your lazy Susan, you can do it easily with water and soap.

2) Stylish

The lazy Susan is undoubtedly an item of style and panache. Suppose you are the host of a party who is a long table. Now, glamming up this table can be hard, if you have tons of guests coming over. 

Well, to do this, you can use a few items like the lazy Susan. This one is very suave, stylish and can easily hold your star dishes to perfection. You can keep and assortment of desserts, starters, snacks and more in the lazy Susan.

You can also use the rotating Lazy Susan to serve a cake as this will make the cake look very glamorous.

In the concluding note, now that you know of the many uses of lazy Susan, maybe you are ready to buy one. For instance, numerous home décor sites flaunt a mango wood lazy Susan. This one features ribbed patterns, made from natural wood. It is very stylish and will easily compliment any dinner table.

You can get this item from any reputed online stores. For example, Ellementry. So, hurry! Buy this item now and make your table look the best!

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