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Today anything that matters is including products that not only serve a purpose but also are appealing to the eyes.  A product that may seem unimportant in terms of beauty but has a massive value at performing tasks is our very own bottle stopper.

Same as the napkin holder, every house needs a bottle stopper. The product is responsible for saving many fluids from getting ruined. Stocking on them can protect you from huge losses. But as responsible citizens, we are also aware of the growing plastic wastage on the planet. Each product that takes away our hard-earned money should be worthy of it. Opting for sustainable, eco-friendly bottle stoppers, napkin holders or any other product can be the right step towards reducing some wastage from the face of the earth.

If on the hunt for beautiful bottle stoppers that are also a competent buy here are a few options available easily at Ellementry:

  • Plugin with the sturdy ceramic

The first thought arises of a solid white material whenever someone spells ceramic. Yes, it is the hardened clay. It is permanently set by heat and attains a powerful persona that is difficult to break. But, the most prominent reason to choose ceramic bottle stoppers is that they are food safe. Ceramic bottle stoppers are undoubtedly reliable. They are also painted with various motifs and enamel to create multiple endearing designs. The same flowery patterns on ceramic can be carved on a beautiful napkin holder to enhance the beauty of your table.

The art forms on ceramic bottle stoppers are an ode to our age-old cultural heritage. These are hand-painted in multiple colours and styles. Sometimes covering the entire bottle stopper with a beautiful colour will also elevate its charm. Turquoise blue, baby pink, teal, lime green etc. are a few hues that will highlight your bottle stopper even in the darkest nights. All these beautiful options can be found easily on Ellementry.

Here are all the reasons to opt for ceramic bottle stoppers.

  • Most importantly, it is food safe.
  • Strong and sustainable, as it is meant to endure.
  • Hand-painted and gives employment to many local artisans.
  • Paintings are often a reflection of our values. Hence, it is a cultural revival in the best form.

  • Wood at rescue

Wood has always been our partner since primitive times. Think about many innovative things that the ancient human-made by carving wood. The small wheel that is the backbone of our transportation system was carved in wood and look at what heights it has reached today. Along with the wheel, there have been multiple weapons created out of carved wood to help them catch their prey.

Today when we are going back to our roots, wood seems to be the first step to be taken. Wooden bottle stoppers or napkin holders are some innovative products that you can include to enhance the aesthetic levels of your space. They are undoubtedly food safe and give a rugged look to the interiors. Moreover, who doesn’t like a beautifully carved wood as a bottle stopper? Opt for the naturally smooth finish at Ellementry or get a few motifs encrusted on it.

Here is why you should go for the earthy wooden bottle stoppers:

  • Food remains safe as wood is non-toxic.
  • Comes in multiple designs.
  • Beauty can be enhanced with numerous colours.
  • Sustainable and with zero wastage.
  • Reusable and recyclable.

  • Grandma’s terracotta is all-rounder today.

Each one of us has been lucky to drink water from grandma's age-old Matka or surai. The freshwater can give an inferiority complex to any high-tech refrigerator. The mere thought of it can quench the deepest thirst. It is made of terracotta which is a kind of unglazed fired clay.

Fire changed the lifestyle of primitive man. Once they threw clay and saw an unbelievable thing that it is hardened and never went back to its slimy texture. Hence, they started the usage of terracotta, and the journey has been extremely innovative.

Today terracotta is leading the world of environmentally friendly products. Curd setter, grain sprouted, and even a water bottle is the finest products in the terracotta range. But, for people looking out for more innovative options, there are napkin holders and bottle stoppers. Terracotta is porous, and it is at peace with friendly bacteria that do not harm your food.

All about terracotta

  • Food safe
  • Friends with good bacteria
  • Depicts our culture and history
  • Creates employment for the local artisans
  • Lends a rugged aesthetics to your interiors

  • Sparkle with the Glass

Glass is a highly misunderstood material. But do we know it is made of sand? When heated at extremely high temperatures that is 1700°C sand melts and can be carved into various shapes. Glass is around us, and the most important advantage of including it in our lifestyle is that it is highly reusable and recyclable.

Being brittle is a disadvantage, but glass is available in various types. So, the strong ones can be used to resist breaking at the smallest touch. We can see the innovative uses of this material around us. Be it crafty vases, candle holders, wine glasses, or our teacup. Now you can also cork your bottle with a captivating glass bottle stopper easily up for grabs at Ellementry.

Glass is an empty canvas that can be painted in multiple colours. There is no shortage of designs when done on the glass. Also, the finish is exceptionally smooth. Hence, opening and closing the container is an easy task.

A few pros of glass:

  • The most prominent one is it being food safe
  • Good quality doesn’t break easily
  • Doesn’t let air escape in to tarnish the value of the drink
  • Highly recyclable
  • Easily available and affordable

  • Rubber too is eco-friendly.

Here we are only talking about natural rubber. It is obtained from the sap of a rubber tree. The sap or latex that is obtained solidifies in the open air. It is then put through a machine which binds it together, creating pattern and then it is again dried in the sun only to be sold to the companies. This is where the farmer’s job concludes, and the companies create various things out of the rubber sheets.

Natural rubber will not tear, chip, or break apart under pressure. It has resistance against heat as well. It seals the surface without even letting the air pass. Moreover, hundreds of rubber farmers and their workers earn their livelihood by selling these sheets.

The pros are many but here are few that will push you into investing in rubber bottle stoppers also

  • Food safe
  • Will not break apart or chip even in pressure
  • Resilient to heat
  • High strength to stick with other materials
  • Provides food to many farmers

Bottle stoppers will not only enhance the décor of your home but also give employment to some poor soul without hindering with the ecosystem. Visit for some great options and do your bit for the cause.

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