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Cutlery might not be the most important but the fanciest of things in our dining. From the conventional to the use of rare cutlery, our home becomes an experimental place of trying and testing products and items, ways, and means to make food-serving and food-eating an enjoyable and healthier experience. 

Generally, it is only when you have guests over that you take out all your premium and antique sets of tableware that could range from being traditional to rare cutlery. It is for these times that we wish to have some amazing set of cutlery at our places and to save you from the hassle, Ellementry offers an amazing range of cutlery at unbelievable prices.

Here, we present a glimpse of some of the not-so-often used and seen pieces of silverware. 

The Tomato Server 

Raw tomatoes are relished in salads and sandwiches almost all over the world. Raw ones are also added to make sauces and salsas. Then, there are the stewed and soup forms too. This vegetable is filled with many essential nutrients and antioxidants that help prevent lots of diseases and health conditions. The Tomato servers are designed in a manner that the excess juice and, more importantly, the seeds drain off easily from tomato slices. Typically, the serving area is like the spatula with a wide area. Then, there are small piercings in the serving area that helps the juice and seed drain off. Available in different materials and designed creatively by brands at Ellementry, this is an item that is not quite commonly used in most kitchens but one that makes for ergonomic use. 

The Butter Serving Spoon

In our common routine life, most of us are running in and out of our professional and personal commitments. A round of relaxed breakfast has become such a rarity today. When applying butter to your bread toast, each of us tries to find an easy way out – use the regular knives and spoons to do the work. But wait, there is rare cutlery called the butter serving spoon that you do not get to see even in the most high-end and niche restaurant. The Butter Serving Knife can be designed creatively and artistically or can be available in one of the regular cutlery materials. This Knife helps in the steady transfer of different-sized butter pats onto your plate and, more specifically, to your bread surface. The knife is usually about seven inches in length and makes for a perfect accompaniment to your tableware set. Such an unknown cutlery item is surely hard to find but not on Ellementry as it offers stylish butter serving spoons and dishes leaving you craving for a buy.

The Sauce Ladle

As the name suggests, these ladies are used for taking out a perfect scoop of sauces and dressings. The items are made aesthetically with long handles or the ladles with a scoop-shaped end to help take out fluid servings with spills. A part of presentation cutlery, they pair up good with serving spoons and forks. Some confuse this piece of serving cutlery with soup ladles, but the latter has a greater and profound depth for taking out the watery-based soups while the sauce ladles are more on the shallower side. These ladles have been used for ages because they help keep the table spotlessly clean while ensuring that the thick sauces and dressings are served and mixed with thoroughness and no spillage. 

The Splayd

This is again a hybrid cutlery item that was invented by William McArthur in Australia in the 1940s. The item meaningfully blends the functionalities of a spoon, a fork, and a knife into one single item. This cutlery is a piece that serves as a perfect companion for performing different food-eating tasks using one piece only. This item is also called the Spnorf. Others might not know it, but you definitely should. The cutlery is characterized by an oval-shaped space that serves as the spoon, four tines that do the work of the fork, and the edges on both sides are made with a certain degree of sharpness that makes them great for cutting through the softer variety of food items. This item can be used to eat rice and curries quite comfortably, which is otherwise eaten using either a spoon and fork or a pair of chopsticks. You can take a quick look at the design at, where it is available in beautiful designs. 

There are many other types of rare cutlery like the Sporf that is a combination of a spoon and a fork; a spoon-cum-straw that mixes the functions of a spoon and a straw making it easy to eat solid food along with drinking juices and other fluids; the Forkchops that are nothing more than a pair of chopsticks designed with tiny fork and knife on each of the pair, opposite to the pointed ends; the Chopfork that blends the working of a fork and chopsticks at each end; fine pottery items made from porcelain and more. 

These cutleries are rare and uncommon because even if they are bestowed with great ergonomics and functionalities, still they are not popularly used at the tables for serving or eating food. While most of them would rarely be used in our homes, you can find one or a few of them at a restaurant or a hotel. These are silverware items that are made from different materials ranging from the non-eco-friendly plastic to reusable items to ceramic, glass, wood, and other materials, including precious metals like silver, gold, copper, brass, and more that make your kitchen and dining space heavenly. Well, with Ellementry, it does not matter what material you wish to buy as it offers everything with additional discounts and offers. Visit  and equip your kitchen and table with some of these rare cutleries and add a touch of unicity to your home. 

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