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We all believe that anyone can perfectly bake and have all the right equipment to bake cakes. But, you should understand that you must have the right kind of Household bakeware essentials for accurate measuring, mixing, baking, etc. to prevent your recipes from disaster.

If you are new to baking and require an understanding of baking items, then, check out the below list of Top 5 Bakeware accessories that every household should have.  You can easily find all of these online at Ellementry.

1 Baking Dish 

The importance of a good baking dish to bake delicious cakes cannot be overstated. This is one of the most essential items in the list of Bakeware Accessories. Unlike Cooking, Baking is not less than the great science, so it definitely makes sense that not exclusively does the baking ingredients make the perfect baked items, the size, shape, and material of the baking dish also matter.

Just like other kitchen accessories, household bakeware should also be made with the right kind of material. So, it’s important for you to know what sort of material your baking dish is made from. Usually, baking dishes are made of either stainless steel or aluminium. But, nowadays ceramic baking dishes are in high demand. They are one of the most commonly used professional choices today and ensure the best outcomes.

The terracotta baking dish comes with a smooth finish which keeps the food safe and can be cleaned easily. These baking dishes are considered safer and are also eco-friendly . So choose your terracotta baking dish online to create delicious vibes on your cake this Christmas. 

2 Measuring Cups

As we have mentioned above, Baking is a great science. It is completely dependent on the amount of the ingredients mixed together. So, this implies that you cannot just simply mix up a handful of flour, a few eggs, a pinch of salt and expect a delicious cake! Unless you have great experience in the baking field, you cannot just put ingredients without measuring to bake things. If you add too much of anything or less of anything, this could create a disaster with your dish. Just like we used to use the right kind of tools in our chemistry labs to ensure the precise measurements for science experiments, the same goes for Baking Creativity. It requires accurately measured ingredients to add a rustic charm in baking recipes.

Shop measuring cups online and bake perfect cakes. But, make sure they should be made of sustainable bakeware material like stainless steel. The stainless steel generally considered completely safe for food and goes well with all the ingredients. The measuring cups online come in a range of different measures such as 1/2 cup (125ml), 1 cup (250ml),; 1/3rd cup (80ml); 1/4th cup (62ml), etc. You can use these measuring cups to measure out flour, oils & sugar for baking or just simply use for everyday cooking. 


3 Mixing Bowls

We know, you will think that what to talk about mixing bowls? Usually, we simply use any bowl to mix ingredients during everyday cooking. But, you should understand that mixing bowls play an essential role in the bakery kitchen. Just like other household bakeware, mixing bowls for baking also come in various shapes and sizes and you can also use them regularly in the kitchen! From food preparation to the storage, mixing bowls have created a special place for itself in almost every home kitchen and restaurant.  Buying a good mixing bowl is a great investment. 

You can go for stainless steel mixing bowls as they are made from commercial-grade metal. You can use them perfectly for food preparation, whisking, mixing, tossing, baking as well as serving. The best part is that these stainless steel mixing bowls don’t absorb odours, resists stains, scratches, and rust and come with long-lasting durability. They ensure fresh and tasty food every time.


4 Baking Spatula

The baking spatula is another important tool in the list of bakeware essentials. It is an utmost important tool for baking and cooking. Most preferably, it is good to buy natural wood spatulas. Most of the kitchen professionals also recommend that wooden spatulas are food safe and their ergonomic design makes it easy in flipping ingredients. Buying wood spatula in multiple sizes is truly a blessing for a good baker. The spatula is especially essential when you need to spread the cake batter into dish and to do the icing on cakes. Also, bigger sized spatulas are mostly recommended to move and lift the food slices. You can also use a spatula to spread condiments and to loosen up your baked foods from the baking dish.

Buy baking spatula online and just make sure they are sustainable and made from high-quality wood. Avoid plastic spatulas as they are not considered healthy to whisk cake batters.

5 Rolling Pin

The right rolling pin lets you enjoy a perfectly rolled pie with the evenly rolled do

ugh. The rolling of dough seems like quite an easy task, but it’s not that easy as it seems. The right rolling pin, rolling techniques and density of dough play a contributing role in crafting great dough that can create a flaky pie crust for you. 

Rolling pins are an utmost important item in any kitchen as it is used to do various cooking tasks. You can use them to roll out cookie dough, puff pastry & pie dough. They are also required when it comes to crushing pepper, ice, nuts, and tenderizing meat. You may not require it for regular use, but, yes don’t 

follow the “kitchen hacks” that recommend that you should use a wine bottle to roll dough for pastry or cookies instead use real rolling pin only.

The Wooden Rolling Pins are ergonomically crafted and offers a smooth rolling action. Now, you might be thinking is wooden rolling pin washable? The answer is ‘Yes’. You just need to rinse it with mild washing detergent and it's all set. Make sure the wooden rolling pin you select should be comfortable and comes with perfect handles that ensure a comfortable grip while rolling sugar cookie dough or pie crust. 

The Final Verdict: Best Bakeware Accessories 

All the top 5 household bakeware essentials that we mentioned above are a necessity for baking best brownies, cakes and a lot more.  So bid adieu to unhygienic baking items and buy precious bakeware accessories online with a trusted brand like They give the one-stop solution for all bakeware essentials online in India. Their bakeware collections meet all your baking needs and their ergonomically designed items offer a hassle-free baking experience.

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