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It is said that the heart of the house is the kitchen. A kitchen is that part of your home that nourishes the likes of the members. Hence, your kitchen is the most special place in the house. The significance that a kitchen holds for a person aggravates when it is the first kitchen they are setting up.  To save yourself from undue pressure, you can check out the range of amazing stuff by Ellementry.

With this article, you can let your imagination flow and take inspiration from our list of things that your kitchen should have. 

1. A plan: The first and foremost thing that you need to set up a kitchen is a plan. When we say you need a plan, we mean that you need to decide what the theme of your kitchen will be.  This becomes the easiest of tasks when you have amazing options by Ellementry. The colour palette is essential as all the other things will depend on it. Along with that, we suggest you create a rough blueprint of your kitchen. You need sufficient space to put your appliances, and you cannot take up many places with unnecessary knick-knacks.


2.Kitchen appliances: Kitchen appliances are the most important things in the kitchen. You will need a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and an induction oven. You can also incorporate the traditional gas oven just in case. Another appliance that should find a place in your kitchen is your chimney. This is the one that will keep away all the dirt and oil from your kitchen walls. One important thing to mention here is the colour scheme of your appliances. You can also check out the website of Ellementry for some attractive offers to make your kitchen eye-catching.

3.Kitchen utensils: A kitchen is incomplete without the utensils. You can decide on the colour 

and texture of all your utensils. Of course, they can match the aesthetics of your kitchen. Colour contrasts look great, but you must be careful about them, especially because your plan can backfire to create chaos.

4.Kitchen containers: Your kitchen containers form an important part of your kitchen. However, there is a catch. When you plan your kitchen, you should think carefully if you want to keep your containers in plain sight or if you want to keep them in a cupboard. For all the containers kept within the line of sight, you should go for the fancy textured ones. Put in your imagination into deciding what these containers should look like. They will add aesthetics to your kitchen. For all the other containers that will be stored inside a cupboard, you can buy relatively low key ones as they will not be seen by others but you.

5.A faucet and proper water supply: Often, a faucet is something we forget about. The water supply is essential and stays in our minds, but the design of the faucet is something we often miss. Some companies design great faucets. You can get yours customized by one of them. This will add splendour to your kitchen. Otherwise, it will just ruin the look you meant your kitchen to the sport.

6.Kitchen essentials like towels, aprons, etc. : Kitchen essentials are pretty important when you are setting up your kitchen. Buy towels and your aprons according to the colour scheme of the kitchen. This will add glamour to the kitchen and increase its aesthetics. 

7.Kitchen decor: This includes everything. Starting from the wallpaper to the cupboards, to the colours. Modular kitchens are the best options when you want your kitchen to look classy but modern. These kitchen set-ups enhance the look of your kitchen as they are made in conjunction with each other.


Kitchens are special places that deserve special attention. If you are just as passionate about decorating your first kitchen, you should try the listicle mentioned above of sorts. They are sure to make your kitchen look ravishing, and the process becomes even more special and interesting when done in collaboration with Ellementry. Check out the amazing offers available on the website


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