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Best Seller
In Teak Wooden Belan with Stand

When it comes to Indian cooking when can't think of it without roti or chapathi, it is the most indispensable part of Indian food. Belan or rolling pin is required to make roti, and the best rolling pin for chapathi is that makes the task of rolling chapathi, roti or flatbread super easy. Therefore, the rolling pin is the staple part of any Indian Kitchen. One will never get to part away from a great rolling pin as it is smooth, easy to manoeuvre and when dusted with a little flour, the rolling pin won't stick to the dough. The best rolling pin for chapathi is a perfectly balanced pin that is neither heavy that it cracks your roti with the pin's weight not it should be so light that you need to put your pressure on it to roll out circular roties. Get the best rolling pin online at Ellementry.com here you will get rolling pin and board in wood and marble respectively. Here the rolling pin comes with a stand where you can keep your belan when it is not in use.

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