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The kitchen is the heart of your home. Well, that is true if food is the way to your heart. While it is one of the most used spaces of our house, the kitchen often gets messy real quick. Piles of containers stacked in no form or order on the countertop, lids overflowing in the cabinet drawers, Plates, cereal boxes, and bags of bread stuffed in the pantry.

Yes, sometimes our kitchen can be a total headache to look at and work in. But worry not!  The article will discuss five hacks to organize your kitchen that will keep your cooking space clean and clutter-free so that you can focus entirely on cooking your meals. 

Let’s declutter that kitchen first

While you are eager to start organizing your kitchen as soon as possible, the first step is to declutter the mess. This will not only streamline your organizational process but will also make your kitchen as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Let’s explore how.

First, focus on everything that you need to get rid of. You can donate them and reduce waste or can recycle many of these things. 

Warning, you will feel the need to keep everything but ignore the feeling. Go full Marie Condo into decluttering your kitchen. Once you are in the flow, clean out the pantry. Go into every nook and corner and bring out all that you have. Once everything is in clear view, start organizing.

  • Choose Glass Over Plastic

Have you decluttered your kitchen?

Good, now the next step is storage. Given the horrid state our environment is in right now, it is high time we stop using plastic in our daily lives, and what better place to start than the kitchen?

Using glass jars and storage containers are not only beneficial for our environment but also for our health. If you care about hygiene and food safety, then opt for glass jars right now. Plastic is a man-made, non-renewable resource that directly contributes to the increase of trash and greenhouse gases. 

Furthermore, it releases harmful chemicals that can leach into food kept inside such containers. Glass containers, on the other hand, come with no such threats and are great for storing food safely. Also, it can be reused for long unless you drop and break them. It is best if you can get glass containers with wooden lids rather than plastic lids. Glass jars not only make your kitchen sustainable but also keep the food safe by using glass jars and containers.

  • Use baskets to store the loose items:

There will always be some items in the kitchen that will not fit either on the shelves or in jars like fruits and veggies. You can use baskets to store them on your pantry shelf itself rather than keeping them in the grocery or plastic bags. 

This will keep your countertop and pantry shelves neat and tidy while also making sure that you can easily find what you are looking for in time. You can also use baskets as your overflow bin to store excess food that did not fit in your glass containers.

  • Label your food

All your organizational efforts would go down the drain if you do not label your kitchen items. Labelling makes a huge difference and will save you time and money when you get down to making a meal. Now that you have stored your food items in baskets and glass containers, start labelling them. 

Labels help you to see clearly and keep track of what you have and prevent you from buying more. So, indirectly, you will save a lot of money. Apart from that, labelling your storage containers also organize your pantry in the most efficient way possible.

  • Use step racks to sort

One of the most common problems that we face in pantries is trying to see the small containers that get swallowed up in the back of the pantry. Large jars, tall cereal boxes can be spotted quite quickly. It is the smaller items that are the problem.

No matter how clearly you label your storage jars, it is of no use if you can’t see them. Sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo step racks are here to rescue! These step racks allow you to create a height difference between jars of the same height and create stations to help you spot the items quickly. These eco-friendly bamboo step shelves will streamline your cooking process and help you navigate the kitchen more freely.

  • Snack stations for adults and kids

One of the most frequently visited areas in the pantry is the snack corner. And it is not just the kids who are guilty of this, we adults also love to rummage through the boxes, jars, and containers of tasty snacks.

Grab-and-go is the most sought after snack that both adults and kids go for and the containers for sure are moved and kept back on the pantry shelves more than once each day.

The best way to deal with this situation is to either dedicate a whole drawer to these snacks or keep the snacks jars in the lowermost shelf of your kitchen pantry. You can use sustainable bamboo drawer dividers to create categories in the snacks drawer or use glass jars with wooden lids to store the snacks.

In the End

Sustainable living and food safety are two sides of the same coin. If you start organizing your kitchen using eco-friendly products, then you automatically embrace food safety. Simple, healthy, and beautiful – that should be the motto for your organized kitchen.

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