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Remember the last time one of your friends compliment your kitchen design? When was it? Two years ago, or five? Unless it was just some months ago, you need to change your designs because trends change fast.  It has been long since the cabinets were in vogue. Simplicity and aesthetics have been beautifully combined to create utility, and that’s the kind of design in vogue these days. 

Back during the times of our great grandmothers, the concept of ‘more’ was non-existent. They only stored and used what was available to them, and their kitchens remained clutter-free. Fast forward to hundred years later, that concept is starting to gain some air. Starting from the spectacular farmhouses to the penthouses in the city, people have started embracing the concept of simplicity with the use of open shelf kitchen racks.

It isn’t like the cabinets have totally vanished. They are very present but in the lower half of the kitchen. The upper half is left bare and open for the lights to come through the window, or for the wall decoration to gain an audience. This creates simplicity and imposes meaning to the designing of your kitchen. So, whether you’re going for a complete kitchen makeover or just planning to rearrange certain elements, keep reading to learn more about kitchen rack designs.   

The concept of utility 

People tend to miss the concept of utility and consider it nothing less than hypothetical when spoken about open shelves. We don’t disagree with them. Their opinions have found land because their territory has never experienced the presence of a utilitarian traditional open shelf rack. 

We find ‘simple’ to be synonymous to ‘skim ample’ which means ‘discard the unneeded.’ At Ellementry, the designs we create are for the houses of today with the soul of yesterday. With their open design and storage only for the essential, we help you clean the clutter and showcase the best of your crockery on the kitchen racks. If you’ve purchased them with love, why not show it to the world? Find the top 5 designs of kitchen racks in the list below. The fourth one is sure to “wow” you.  

Top 5 designs for Kitchen Racks:

Starting from the chic glass shelves, we have touched the ideas of wood, metals, and wood and metal together. Find the pattern that fits the puzzle of your kitchen’s interior. We think they are all perfect for your house. 


  • Glass Open Shelves


Your crockery would always be within an arm’s length when you wish to use them. The glass nature of this kitchen rack complements with the glass crockery that was hiding in some corner of your house. There might have been many occasions where you bought the best-looking crockery from the store you liked and kept them in a cabinet, only to be forgotten. They only came out during the cleaning months. 

Don’t let that happen to your beautiful cups and plates. Decorate the upper half of your kitchen by fixing a glass rack, as shown in this picture. They’ll attract their compliments on their own. 


  • Wood Shelves with Rails

Who doesn’t appreciate an organized and clutter-free kitchen? We all do and can happily do anything for it (but instead, we procrastinate on the cleaning day). The wood shelf you see in this picture isn’t just a kitchen rack. It is your saviour during the rough cleaning days. Forget the thoughts about a disorganized kitchen. When every utensil is safely placed within the rails of this wood shelf, why would any clutter be in your kitchen? 

The concept of more in less is utilized in this design. Even with a scaled-down appearance, it possesses the capacity to hold multiple things at a time. It’s time for you to go on a creative spree. Use your brains to see how you can make use of the rails in a unique manner.  


  • Wood Shelves

Do not look further. Just wait for a second and appreciate the beauty of the kitchen rack in this image. The white background of the wall subtly marrying the simplicity of the wood shelves in a silently glorious manner; that’s sophistication and everything people call luxury. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen and it comes with a white background, you know what your choice should be. 

The placement and extension of this kitchen rack depend on your necessity. If you wish to save some space in the cabinets below, place a 3-tier wood shelf on the upper half of your kitchen. 

Extend it from the left end to the right, or create a broken pattern as shown in the image, the choice is yours.  


  • White Wood Rack and Shelf

Ellementry just upped its ante by presenting the white wood rack and shelf. A hanger and a shelf, you can feel the vibes of the yesteryear by looking at this design. The combination of metal and wood was famous for manufacturing the kitchen furniture in the early 1900s. Now that the modern eyes are tired of looking at the same-old compact designs, Ellementry has brought this utilitarian kitchen rack, back in the game. Hang your cups on the metal hook and flaunt your crockery over the wooden shelf, the design will always soothe your eyes.  


  • White Wood Rack and Shelf - Large

Just like its cousin on the fourth place in this list, the large-sized wood rack and shelf comes in two colours – white and brown. It vividly displays the soul of Ellementry – tradition paired with aesthetics. Just like every product manufactured by Ellementry, this rack presents a new definition of elegance in your kitchen. The large space provided on the wooden rack can be utilized to place the items that come handy in routine.

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