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A kitchen, especially an Indian one, can be easily compared to Pandora's Box. It is a treasure trove that contains many spices, condiments, and ingredients that we use to whip up delicacies daily. There are ingredients that you need daily like salt and sugar, rice and lentils, and there are also food items that you use occasionally. However, no matter when you use these ingredients, storage, and placement of all materials in the kitchen are of utmost importance if you want an unhindered cooking experience. The amount of strategic planning required to modularise a kitchen is immense and exhausting unless you are working with the right elements like wooden kitchens shelves and racks. There are numerous ways in which you can place wooden shelves in your kitchen to make storage space.

Here are a few ways in which you can use shelves to modularise a kitchen:

Modularising a Kitchen Using Shelves

Open Shelved Modular Kitchen:

When we say modular kitchens, the first thing that comes to your mind is sleek and shining cabinets with polished doors. However, all modular kitchens do not have to look like this. A modular kitchen can also be created with open shelving rather than installing framed cabinets. Open shelves have been a common choice while designing kitchens. This is the simplest yet most stylish form of kitchen storage.

Fixing open wooden shelves on the walls work wonders if you have a small kitchen or a galley kitchen. You can also fix these open shelves next to your cabinets for some additional space. Ellementry offers you a wide range of wooden rack and shelves that you can use in your kitchen to enhance its functionality and beauty.

Corner Shelves in a Modular Kitchen:

Waste not, want not – that is the modern mantra of a sustainable lifestyle and applies even to your kitchen storage. While wall shelves are great, do not waste the corners of your kitchen and install corner shelves to store items. 

Most homeowners these days tend to install wooden corner shelves as these are eco-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. However, you can also match the corner shelves with your natural stone countertop if you want.

Interior designers and homeowners are also using triangle-shaped shelves as corner shelves quite frequently these days.

Wall Shelves:

Home interiors have now become a canvas where people love to experiment with design, colour, and décor. Homeowners are opting for handmade kitchen products over mass-produced ones to maintain the integrity and beauty of the house. The sole aim of Ellementry is to provide you with handmade, sustainable products that will not only beautify your kitchen interiors but will also make your design more functional. Wall shelves and racks are the easiest to install, and Ellementry brings a wide range of options to choose from. 

Our handcrafted wooden racks and shelves are perfect for storing your kitchen utensils and come in various sizes to choose from. If you have an additional wall, adorn it with these handmade kitchen shelves from Ellementry and make your kitchen look picture perfect.

Kitchen Shelf Racks with Hooks:

Similar to the wall shelves, the kitchen shelf racks with hooks comes with an additional feature - the hooks – that provides extra storage option. The Ellementry kitchen shelf racks with hooks have been handcrafted for small and big kitchen. This product is compact yet spacious for storing kitchen essentials.

You can use the hooks to hang your cups, mugs, or aprons to keep them handy while you cook. People, nowadays, are gravitating more and more towards handmade, sustainable products that not only provide perfection but also offer unmatched functionality. The Ellementry kitchen shelf rack with hooks is one such product that will help you modularise your kitchen while redefining its beauty.

Shelves Under Kitchen Cabinets:

Last but not least; you can also install wooden shelves under your wall kitchen cabinets. You can install Ellementry wooden shelves to keep your glass jars, store your cookbooks, or keep other utensils that you frequently use while cooking.

Under-cabinet shelves, thanks to their positioning, stay quite close to the kitchen countertop or the stove. So, you can also use these to keep the spices that you regularly use while cooking. 

Wrapping Up:

What a studio means for an artist, a kitchen holds the same place for a home-chef. It is where the magic takes place, and lip-smacking delicacies come to life. Ample storage spaces and the right amount of organization create a functional and beautiful kitchen. Good storage helps in easy accessibility in a kitchen and enables you to streamline your cooking process, especially when you are in a hurry. A messy kitchen with everything that you need, stored deep in the pantry or far from your reach, will give you a headache. Ellementry handcrafted wooden shelves represent sustainability, functionality, and beauty and have been designed to take up small space but provide ample storage spaces. So, start building a unique modular kitchen with Ellementry shelves and racks to create a beautiful cooking space.

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