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How many times have we walked out of a restaurant or a cafe praising the delectable dishes that took our hearts away? I am sure you have encountered such situations often in your life. The beautiful presentation, sublime taste and perfect texture of the dishes compel us to indulge in food that is served in restaurants or cafes. But if we try to prepare the same dishes at our homes, mostly, it turns out to be a complete mess. Have you spent days wondering what went wrong with your cooking, but to your disappointment found no answer to it? Well, then, the answer might be as simple as the measurement of the ingredients.

Measuring the ingredients correctly is one of the key aspects of cooking that is often neglected in our homes. Perhaps one of the main reasons why measuring spoons is regarded to be the chef’s favourite tools. It is this practice of precisely measuring the ingredients with the help of a measuring spoon or measuring cup that makes all the difference. 

Is measuring ingredients absolutely necessary?

Now, most of you will argue that you did not see your favourite Michelin Star Chef in any cooking show using measuring spoons. Well, you might be correct. But understand that, these chefs have spent a considerable amount of their time practising cooking and have imbibed the ability to estimate the accurate measurement of each ingredient.

Many recipes, especially those that include baking will require accurate measurements of each of the ingredients. Thus, measuring spoons is the ultimate tool that must be used by every cooking enthusiast to master the art. With time and practice, it will help you evaluate and incorporate your own understanding of the right amount of each ingredient that is required to make the recipe even better.

Baking is considered to be a difficult art to master as small changes in the quantity of the ingredients can result in a totally different texture and taste due to the changes in the chemical reactions between all the ingredients. The use of measuring spoons while cooking is considered to be an absolute necessity by most renowned chefs from across the globe.

Why should you have measuring spoons in your kitchen?

I say, why not! If you love cooking and you want to hone your skills then, measuring tools have to be your best friends. Measuring spoons and cups will not only help you to follow each recipe religiously but also ensure that you save your time and energy. Otherwise, often we spend our energy and time calculating the correct amount of ingredients that we require. Often, resulting in an unpleasant taste or texture of the dish.

What is a measuring spoon?

A measuring spoon is one of the most essential tools for a chef. A measuring spoon is a spoon that helps to measure the quantity of both dry as well as wet ingredients in a more precise way instantly.

For a more detailed and accurate recipe, the authors mostly prefer to specify the quantity of each ingredient using a measuring spoon. This becomes helpful to try out recipes from across the globe as it follows standard measuring guidelines.

Even though spoons came into existence many centuries ago, it was only in 1896 that measuring spoons were invented. After that, they had taken the world by storm and became the favourite measuring tools of the cooking enthusiast.

What are the different sizes of a measuring spoon?

Measuring spoons are usually available in a set of four or six spoons. The general sizes that are available in most of the measuring spoon sets are:

  • 1 Tablespoon
  • 1/2 Tablespoon
  • 1 Teaspoon
  • 1/2 Teaspoon
  • 1/4 Teaspoon
  • 1/8 Teaspoon

In a set of four measuring spoons, half tablespoon and one-eighth of teaspoon are neglected.

Gram equivalent of each of the measuring spoon 

Most recipes that are shared with us through books, magazines, newspapers, the internet or videos specify the number of ingredients to be used in terms of measuring spoons or cups. However, there may be instances where the recipes may indicate the quantity of the ingredients using grams, ounces or millilitres. In such cases, the image is given below will be useful to you.

How to use measuring spoons accurately?

The knowledge of how to accurately measure ingredients using measuring spoons is very important. Just like an artist who must have the competencies to utilize his tools, all the culinary enthusiasts must know how to use the measuring spoons appropriately.

It is a common misconception that measuring spoons can only be used to measure dry ingredients. But, by and large, measuring spoons can be used to measure both the wet ingredients and wet ingredients effectively.  

If you are measuring wet ingredients using a measuring spoon, it is advisable to pour the liquid slowly into the spoon till the brim for accurate measurement. But be careful to avoid spilling the liquid.

In case of dry ingredients, it is advisable to gently spoon up the dry ingredients and then level off with the help of a knife or a spatula for an accurate measurement.

Which are the best measuring spoons to buy?

Let us just accept the fact that most of us are keen on using eco-friendly products. The increasing demand for terracotta, ceramic and wooden products has encouraged product designers to create unique and environment-friendly kitchenware, that are visually stunning and functional.     

Ellementry provides an assorted collection of chic and utilitarian measuring spoon sets that will definitely be one of the most prized possessions of a culinary enthusiast. These sustainable and exquisite measuring spoons will ensure that you inculcate the best understanding of the art of cooking. Thus, ensuring that you create delightful dishes with perfect taste.

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