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rack & shelf

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FAQ On Rack & Shelf Products

What materials are Rack & Shelf made of?

The Rack & Shelf is available in Mango Wood, Metal/mango Wood, Acacia Wood.

What is the Shipping cost of Rack & Shelf?

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

What is the minimum and maximum price range of Rack & Shelf products?

The Rack & Shelf products range from the lowest price being INR 2650 to the highest price being INR 9090.

How many products are available in Rack & Shelf?

There are total 4 products in Rack & Shelf Category.

What are the best selling products in Rack & Shelf?

white wood rack and shelf- medium, white wooden rack and shelf- large, brown wood shelf- large, brown wood shelf- medium, white wood shelf- large are the best selling products in Rack & Shelf Category.

Kitchen Storage Rack & Shelves
A well-organised kitchen is a sign of a proud homemaker. Our wall-mounted kitchen rack will take care of all of your organising needs. A streamlined design means that it won't take up a lot of room in your home. Ergonomic in form, the wooden kitchen rack occupies a smaller footprint yet stores more items. A hook on the back allows you to hang mitts and microwave oven gloves on the wall. Shop at ellementry.com for a kitchen rack to help you keep track of what belongs where in the kitchen. They won't even take up much room.

As early as the days of our great-grandmothers, there was no such thing as "more." They stored and utilised only what they had on hand, and their kitchens stayed clutter-free. Fast forward a hundred years, and that thought are gaining traction. From magnificent farmhouses to metropolitan penthouses, people have begun to embrace the concept of simplicity through the usage of open shelf kitchen racks.

It's not as if the cabinets have vanished entirely. They are really noticeable, but only in the lower portion of the kitchen. The upper part is left bare and open to allow light to enter through the window or to draw attention to the wall décor. This results in simplicity and imbues the design of your kitchen with meaning. Therefore, whether you're planning a major kitchen overhaul or simply rearranging specific parts, continue reading to learn more about kitchen rack ideas.

The concept of utility 

When it comes to open shelves, many people overlook the concept of utility and dismiss it as hypothetical. We do not take issue with them. Their perspectives have gained traction because their territory has never seen a practical typical open shelf rack.

We believe that the term 'simple' is associated with the term'skim ample,' which translates as 'dispose of the unnecessary.' At Ellementry, we develop ideas for homes of the future with the soul of the past. We help you clear the clutter and showcase the best of your tableware on the kitchen racks with their open design and storage for only the essentials. If you bought them with love, why not demonstrate it to the world? The list below contains the top five kitchen rack designs. The fourth is certain to "wow" you.

Starting with the open shelves, we've explored the concepts of wood, metals, and wood and metal together. Choose a design that complements the puzzle that is your kitchen's decor. We believe they are all ideal for your home.

White Wood Rack and Shelf

Ellementry has now upped the ante by introducing the white wood rack and shelf. With a clothesline and a shelf, this design evokes nostalgia. In the early 1900s, the mix of metal and wood was famous for creating kitchen furniture. Now that modern eyes have grown tired of the same-old tiny designs, Ellementry has reintroduced this utilitarian kitchen rack. The design will always be soothing if you display your crockery on the wooden shelf or hang your cups on the metal hook.

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