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Rack & Shelf


Rack & Shelf

A well-organised kitchen is a sign of a proud home-maker. One who likes everything in its right place and the place to be done up beautifully. For what goes where matters to them the most. And all of us know one classic tale from the kitchen: the home chef always knows where is what. With the readiness of a fox, they tip-toe between one shelf to the next, one jar to the other, always picking the correct one. It can also be the stuff of nightmares where you don't know what goes where and you're facing the daunting task of cooking something quick, really quick. Fret not, our wall mount kitchen rack has you covered. Its sleek design doesn't take up too much of your space. The wooden kitchen rack is ergonomically designed, so it consumes less space but stores more. It has hooks to hold mitts and micro-wave oven gloves.  Buy a kitchen rack at ellementry.com to sort out what goes where. And they won't even give you any space issues.

Rack & Shelf Items with Price

Product Name Price
white wooden rack and shelf- large 3790.00
brown wood rack and shelf- large 3790.00
white wood rack and shelf- medium 3050.00