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Socializing and meeting friends and family is one of life’s great pleasures and usually, people meet their friends and family at least a few times a week. Sometimes people throw parties to socialize with their family and friends and these can be dinner parties at home for a limited number of guests or larger events where many friends and family members are called for the event. It is usually customary to bring gifts for the hostess of the party and there are different innovative options that guests pick as gifts for the hostess. Gifting a simple bottle of wine is very old fashioned and nowadays, many guests present useful gifts to their hostess at different types of parties. The following are some of the unique and fresh hostess gifts ideas that are perfect for such situations:

Unique and Fresh Ideas for Gifts Given to Hostesses

Alcohol-Related Gifts

Usually, alcohol is served often at such parties and it is always a good idea to present the hostess with drinks related gifts. Many times hosts have a drinks bar or a drinks corner where drinks are served to the guests. Ellementry is a leading online store in India that offers many such wonderful gifts including wine glasses, ice buckets, and cocktail shakers to name a few.  Alcohol related gifts are very much appreciated by hostesses as serving drinks is part of the scene at most parties.

Wine, Cheese, and Baking – Top Gifts for the Host

Usually, the traditional gift given by guests is a good quality bottle of wine. However, there are similar chic style innovative gifts that can be given to hostesses at a dinner party. Cheese goes very well with wine so a beautiful cheese board is another useful gift at such events. Many times hostesses serve beautiful desserts and baked goods at different types of parties. Gifts to give your hostess include beautiful baking accessories like ramekins, tart dishes, baking dishes, and muffins trays. You must check out Ellementry's collection for classy items.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea is a drink that most people in the civilized world enjoy and is one of the top beverages in the world along with coffee. Tea lovers many times throw afternoon tea or high tea parties and a tea inspired gift for the hostess is a perfect gift in such situations. Ellementry offers the customers a wide range of tea accessories including tea sets, mugs, milk and sugar pot sets, special wooden boxes with compartments to keep different types of teas. We even offers teapots and cutlery items like tea strainers and teaspoons which can be a beautiful gift for hostesses. Beautiful mason jars can also be gifts to give your hostess as tea can be stored charmingly in such mason jars.

Gifts for Hostesses That Love Coffee

We all know the coffee lovers in our set of friends and families and these coffee lovers truly are passionate about their favorite beverage. If the hosts at a party like coffee it is a good idea to simply give a coffee-related gift to the hosts. This can include coffee mugs, coffee trays, milk pots and bowls to serve accompaniments with the coffee like pastries and biscuits. Unique and fresh hostess gifts can include an expensive and rich blend of premium coffee which will be very useful for hostesses who enjoy a quality cup of coffee.

Serveware Gifts for the Hostess

Hostesses all over the world enjoy throwing parties and usually need to have a large variety of serveware of standby to cater to a large party at a moment’s notice. Serveware can include a large variety of items that include trays, fruit bowls, bowls, dinner plate sets, butter dishes, baking trays, glasses, different types of plates, and egg cups to name a few. Giving serveware to hostesses who enjoy throwing dinner parties and organize social gatherings is a great idea as it becomes a useful gift and shows respect and appreciation towards the hosts for organizing enjoyable parties for their guests.

Linen – Essential Gift for Party Hostesses

Just like serveware, another top choice for unique and fresh hostess gifts includes linen that is usually needed at the dinner table by hosts at such dinner parties. There are many types of linen gifts that can be given to the hostess including linen-like table mats, table cloths, placemats, table runners and table napkins which can be extremely useful for hostesses who like to throw parties. Beautiful linen is a lovely gift as it is a charming, delicate and useful gift for hostesses and this type of linen can include lace, embroidery and many types of soft fabrics perfect for tableware. Check out the beautiful linens on Ellementry.

Kitchen Boxes– Types of Charming Storage Boxes & Kitchen Accessories

Ellementry offers different types of kitchenware items that can be perfect for hosts who like to make beautiful food and feed their guests all kinds of different savory and sweet dishes at parties. Kitchen items and products that can be gifted to hostesses can include unique and fresh hostess gifts like pasta jars, pasta measuring tools, kitchen jars and boxes, cheese boards, utensils and different types of cookware items. Kitchen accessories can include mitts and pot holders, plates, toast racks, storage bins, scoopers and bread boxes to name a few.

Unique Household Items and Gifts

There are different types of household items that can be gifted to hostesses which are innovative and would be very much appreciated by the hosts at any party. This includes cloches, salad sets, dessert spoons and forks, sprouters, curd setters, vases, fruit bowls and mortar and pestles and these types of gifts are perfect for house parties. Pasta measures, spatulas, pasta jars, measuring cups and measuring jars are also useful gifts to hostesses who love to throw brunch parties, dinner parties, and springtime summer garden parties. Elementary has all these items so you must check them out.

Décor Items for the Household

Different types of parties are thrown by hostesses and a much-loved gift received by people throwing parties for their friends and families are household décor items. Gifts to give your hostess in the home décor category include lanterns, wall art, wall paintings, and banner signs, different types of candles and candle holders, and vases. It also includes platters, trays, boxes, ceramic showpieces, beautiful and designer wall hooks, designer wall clocks and even fresh flowers as they are beautifully fresh and innovative home décor gifts for the hostesses. People love to add new styles and look to the home décor and such types of gifts are truly appreciated by hostesses.

Giving the hostess a gift at the start of the party by the guests arriving at the party is a customary tradition that is appreciated by the hostess throwing the party. Usually, the safe and easy option is to just pick a bottle of wine for the hostess but it is more appreciated if the right efforts are made to give the hostess a more useful and innovative gift. The above-mentioned gifts are the various choices available with guests to present the hostesses with suitable gifts at a party. These gifts are easy to buy online, not very expensive or difficult to carry to a party and are very popular with hostesses at different types of parties. 

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