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One of the many signs of adulting is when you start using placemats instead of directly putting your plates on the table. Honestly, maintaining furniture and especially a dining table ain't an easy job. Everybody wants to preserve the shiny wood & gleaming glass tabletops and that's exactly why your dining table needs placemats. 

Placemats not only protect your furniture but the right pick & placement can instantly light up your entire dining area. Placemats are a great way of introducing some colour & prints to your house.  You must check out some of the best placemats on Ellementry. We have perfect placemats for the dining table.

Why Does Your Dining Table Need Placemats?


What precisely is a placemat?

A placemat is a covering or a pad used to primarily protect the dining table from heat, food or water stains. Unlike the table cloth that covers the entire table, placemats cover only a small portion. Hence, they are also often used to manifest the position of an individual on the table. 

Placemats also make for a great decoration for the table especially the ones with lace & intricate details. 

How to choose the right placemat? 

The art of choosing the right placemat ain't everyone's cup of tea. And that is exactly where our guide comes in handy. Every occasion and purpose demands a different type of placemat. They come in many sizes, shapes, colours, materials that are suitable for a different set of events. 

What you need to keep in mind while picking the placemats for your table is also the size & shape of the furniture. 

Figure out your purpose of the use. It could be to entertain your guests, advertise a product, add an element to the decoration or everyday use. Once your purpose is sorted, you can opt for your best pick from the wide variety available online as well as offline. 

Elements to keep in mind while picking placemats 

Ideal Size:  

Honestly, there is no one ideal size of a placemat. It absolutely depends on your objective. However, placemats with a dimension of 14 inches wide & 20 inches long are most preferred and famous among the consumers. 

The smaller placemats are generally used for the crowded tables and they help in indicating the placement of an individual on the table while making the furniture look aesthetically pleasing. 


While the appearance of a placemat plays a salient role, what's equally important is choosing the right material. There are placemats available in every possible material. Right from the ones made using natural material like linen, cotton and even bamboo to synthetic ones like polyester, rayon & PVC. 

Though the placemats made using synthetic material are more durable for everyday use, they come with their own set of health hazards. There are plenty of placemats available online made using natural materials like the Ellementry's natural fringe cotton placemat which are sustainable as well as easy to maintain. 

The material of the furniture: 

Imagin using a hardwood placemat on a glass-top dining table. You'll end up with nothing but scratches. The material of your furniture is as essential as other aspects of why your dining table needs placemats, as your primary reason to use them in the first place are to protect the furniture. 

Always ensure the placemat you choose doesn't end up becoming the reason behind the damage of your furniture. For instance, the handcrafted placemats from Ellementry are a great buy for both wood and glass-top tables. 

The temperature of food: 

One detail most people neglect while settling on the placemats is the temperature of the food served. You must ensure the placemats are capable of standing the warm temperature of the food. 

Styles of the placemats 

There is a wide array of placemats to buy available depending on their styles. Here sharing details to make your life easier. You can buy these from Ellementry. 

    1. Quilted Placemats: For an understated but chic vibe invest in a good pair of quilted placemats. They fit in every requirement you might be looking in a placemat. They can handle the heat, look stylish and plays a perfect accessory for your dinner table for any special occasion.
    2. Cotton Placemats: The most preferred placemats by people are cotton placemats. Not only they come in a wide variety of colours and sizes but also are super user-friendly and easy to maintain. The Ellementry cotton placemats in a neutral colour can easily fit in for everyday use as well can jazz up any party with the right placement.
    3. Silicon Placemats: Silicon placemats are the easiest to maintain and are highly durable. They are waterproof, come in bright colours and save you a ton of cleaning time. For messy eaters, this is the right pick.
    4. Bamboo Placemats: Bamboo placemats are sustainable and easy on mother nature. They might be pricer than others but are perfect for special occasions and definitely makes a statement.
    5. Vinyl Placemats: Vinyl placements are most commonly used in the houses for their durability, easy maintenance nature. They are locally available in most parts and come in the largest variety. Vinyl placemats are easy on the pocket and last you a lifetime. 

Are placemats out of style? 

Our answer is a big NO. Placemats are a necessity in most households given they save up a lot of cleaning time, are easy to maintain, easy to store, aren't the most expensive item in your kitchen and helps massively in maintaining the furniture. 

We have listed all the reasons why your dining table needs placemats above. We hope our guide helps you pick the best placemats of your taste, style and use. Thank us later. Visit Ellementry if you are looking for the best placemats to buy.

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