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A wine cooler is a system designed to meet the cooling needs of the wine, exclusively. A refrigerator is common electronic equipment to store all food items and beverages in a cold state. Apart from this, there are few notable differences between the two systems to help you decide the best one for you.

When to Use a Wine Cooler?

If you were planning for a grand party at home, then you would want to store a huge number of wine bottles in a locking system that can handle your wine cooling needs. That is when you need to purchase a high-quality wine cooler to maintain the supreme nature of the wine at the best temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Firstly, there is a small variation in the mechanism of both wine cooler and refrigerator. These differences make the wine cooler an inevitable one for stocking your wine to help them mature naturally.


  • Suitable Temperature to Meet the Wine Cooling Needs


Wine coolers operate under a constant temperature in comparison to the refrigerators. They are designed to protect your wine from environmental changes including changes in humidity. There is a provision to adjust the temperature in the system that makes it flexible enough for storing different types of wines. This will desirably ensure the ageing of wine.

On the other hand, refrigerators are not designed in a way to function under a constant temperature. Since the fridge is opened and closed frequently, there is a chance for temperature fluctuations that could weaken the taste of the wine. Besides, the wines get disturbed when placed in the fridge, as they cannot sustain a lower temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are minor chances for agitation of the wine as the door remains closed even for months or years that would enhance the quality of the wine. No matter, whether you want to set the appropriate temperature for the wine or store it for a longer duration, a wine cooler would serve the needs ideally. The cooler achieves this effortlessly by maintaining a stable temperature within it always.


  • Position of Wine Bottles


The wine bottles are required to be placed in a way that the wine rests on the side of the bottle. It is also necessary for the cork to be moist because if it dries up there is a chance for penetration of air inside the bottle. This will spoil the taste of the wine in the bottle due to the chances of spilling of the wine. 

Now, moving on to refrigerators, stocking many wine bottles is not feasible in real-time. Placing all the wine bottles in the side can be lead to a crash due to space issues that make it difficult to store them upright. So, wine coolers are the best option when coming to the luxury of your wine bottles.


  • Storage


In a wine cooler, there are many partitioned shelves to cater to the storage needs of different kinds of wine. A dual-zone wine cooler is a typical example of this as the temperature can be adjusted accordingly in each compartment to keep them at a proper temperature. This is designed to conserve the wines at the best possible temperature. 

Refrigerators are not beneficial in such cases due to the storage of mixed items within the unit. If you keep an already opened wine bottle inside the fridge, the taste may be ruined due to spillages of other foods and smell within. Though the fridge offers enough space to keep your wine bottles, there are chances for the wine to get along with other foods, which is not good for the wine.


  • Vibration


Vibrations are a big warning to the life of the wines. It is believed that most refrigerators vibrate because they run on a compressor. Considering the refrigerators, they produce many vibrations that are not convenient for the wine. Also, the wine is disturbed a lot during the process of frequent closing and opening of the door. Due to constant vibrations, all the deposits in the wine are disturbed thus, affecting the integrity and the flavour of the wine.

In contrary, wine cooler units come with a compressed cooling system that causes fewer vibrations compared to normal refrigerators. This gives an uninterrupted environment for the wines.


  • Portability


Refrigerators meet the storage needs of all kinds of foods and beverages that is why they are huge and, expensive for the multitasking features they offer. This makes them difficult to preserve the wine bottles safe as they are subjected to damage due to frequent access to the units. Also, due to their large size, portability is not possible and, require a large space that can be challenging to handle.

Wine coolers are compact units, easily portable, and more energy-saving when compared to regular fridges. Countertop wine coolers are an ideal choice for moving them to any outdoor party.

Pros of Wine Coolers over Refrigerators

A conventional fridge may have enough sections for foods and drinks, but it is not designed in a way to store your wine securely. Numerous high-quality wine coolers are now trending in the market that offers stunning features in addition to their comfort and wine-maintaining traits.

A few of the features are listed below.

  • A secondary cooling system that is reliable to cool your wine.
  • An LED-base interior to make the labels of the bottle easily visible. Also LED lights to ensure chillness without warming up your wine.
  • Comes with many racks and sub racks to accommodate many bottles of wine.
  • A reliable and energy-saving compressor to save your money.
  • Has a digital thermostat to read the wine temperature accurately.
  • Looks smaller to fit in your space perfectly.
  • A front-venting grill for freestanding installation or built-in operation under a counter.


If you are intending to serve a savoury wine to the guests who may be typical wine lovers, then buying a wine cooler serves the purpose perfectly. A wine cooler does the job independently as well as professionally by maintaining the temperature, unlike a fridge. 

Wine coolers are a sensible option for stocking wine over refrigerators due to many valid reasons like space saving, energy-efficient, vibration-free, noise-free, and temperature stability. Check aesthetically designed wine coolers at Ellementry for fulfilling your party needs be it anywhere at your home bar or party event.

Ellementry brings a new life to your wine by catering to the complete cooling needs of the drink. Check our website to know more about the different types of coolers we offer and, get benefited by choosing the one you like.

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