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Baking isn't just another hobby. It's an art. And the road to sweet little nothings and savoury starts is an experience rather than just another chore. It requires a certain kind of head-space. The right type of music in the background: not too loud, just enough to keep you on your toes. And just like any other art, it needs its canvas and tools to keep with your ever-growing baking creativity.  Meet our measuring cups for cakes. They're crafted with stainless steel which is entirely food-safe and adds a rustic charm to your baking regime. The simple measuring spoons for baking in India come in various sizes: 1 cup(250ml); 1/2 cup (125ml); 1/3rd cup (80ml); 1/4th cup (62ml) measures. They may be different sizes, but they're a set: much like families. You can use these cups to measure out oils, sugar, flour for baking or just simple cooking. They are suited for your baking regime as much as for everyday cooking. They love the tender sprinkle of flour as much as our fingertips do. Buy measuring spoons online at ellementry.com. After all, art, like baking deserves our best.