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If you like toast, and you want it crispy. If you put fresh toast on a plate, there will be condensation under it, and it will be soft. This toast holder solves your problem. Practical and easy to use, our butter toast holder will hold each slice until you're ready to eat. Our metal toast racks are durable and will look great on your dining table. Our toast stand keeps your toast elevated from the table, and the bars hold toast upright. The parallel bars at the bottom are close enough together that the products don't fall through. You can keep the slices of brown bread, white bread or even multigrain bread or toast on the toast rack. It will keep your toast stays toasties and perfect for buttering. Buy these butter toast holder online, which is an excellent addition to every kitchen and dining area, especially when you are in a mood of some English breakfast. They can be helpful to go with your new breakfast set, and they can be a conversation starter too. Break everyday patterns with our contemporary designs which pay homage to our culture, find more at ellementry.com