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Twine Wooden Bench (Blue)
Twine Wooden Bench with Rack (White)
Cane Craft Bench

roots and stories

of the artisans and the tale of handcrafted living


At Ellementry, we believe that beauty is a blend of what looks good and also does good. And that this blend shows up in the most unlikely places. Handcrafted wooden bench online from Ellementry is a sleek, trendy and functional bench. Ellementry is delivering the perfect blend of style and functionality by transforming the humble bench into a comfortable and elegant part of the furniture. A wooden bench can lend a charm to any space and fits well in the home décor as these are multi-faceted and useful in multiple situations. Crafted in the style of the traditional 'charpoy', a type of bench used all over India, it fits right into your home. Your rack is everything you'll need. It can be used as an entryway bench, so, So, on your way out, you don't have to look for a spot to sit and wear your shoes. You can place the bench against a wall. You can use it as a bed bench at the foot of your bed, you can use it as a window seat too. 

Bench Items with Price

Product Name Price
Twine Wooden Bench (Blue) 7000.00
Twine Wooden Bench with Rack (White) 7990.00
Cane Craft Bench 18900.00


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