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white square wood knob (set of 2)

The first thing that you touch while entering a room is the doorknob, make a splendid first impression with handcrafted knobs for your beautiful doors. Changing a wooden knob is super-easy and within budget, it is a way to enhance the appearance of your entire house. Shop wooden door knobs online for your drawers and cupboards, or add them to your kitchen's design. You will be amazed to see that our metal knob that can be bought online can make such a drastic change in the look of your doors, cabinet and dressing table. Buy wooden knobs to make your house look refresh and more attractive within your budget. Knobs come in different styles and finishes. To make a remarkable impression on your guests, add a natural touch by using the decorative knobs that have a unique form of art which is beautiful and useful. The best part of this makeover is that these knobs do not require any hardware personal. Just purchase, and you can fix it on your drawer, dresser, cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard and almirah. You can use contrasting colour knobs or matching ones, go as creative as you can.

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