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Long Oak Pasta Measure with 4 Portion
Round Oak Pasta Measure with 4 Portion

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But those who share the love for risotto, penne or spaghetti carry a bit of Italy wherever they go. The sauce is hardly ever bought over the counter, it's prepared at home. And they take their measures seriously, just like the pasta chefs in Florence. Pasta isn't as much about what comes on the plate, but they define it with the journey in making it. Meet our premium pasta measure. It brings the accuracy you desire while cooking up a bowl full or a casserole of spaghetti. The wooden pasta measure, online at our store brings you closer to your own spaghetti goals. Because perfection exists not just as a show but even within yourself. So take your time in loving the process of making pasta. Pink, white or red sauce, cook up your own blend and then toss in the right size of spaghetti. People may or may not tell the difference, but the inner chef in you will always know.  Buy pasta measure online at ellementry.com and start your journey to finding the most perfect spaghetti you can cook.

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