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Neve Sage Jar Set of Two
Best Seller
The Earth Jar Set of Two (Small)
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Apple & Pear Glass Jar Set of 2
Best Seller
egg shell metal bread box with wooden lid
Carbon Jar Set of Two (Large)
The Earth Jar Set of Two (Large)
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Carbon Jar Set of Two (Small)
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Grain Storage Barrel with Wooden lid
Rice Storage Barrel with Wooden lid
Sienna Tarracotta Jar with Wooden Lid
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Glass Jar With Wooden Lid Set of 4
Mozaic Ceramic Jar with Wooden Lid
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Organizing a kitchen looks so much more effortless than it actually is. Deciding and maintaining what goes where is quite a daunting task and the right storage practices need to be in place, especially for perishables. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to storing vegetables and keeping them fresh. But all vegetables need is a little bit of room to breathe. Our vegetable storage containers don't just get along well with the veggies but they're also quite the lookers. So they either elevate your kitchen's look or blend into it. Metal storage containers are entirely food-safe, they're crafted by hands and do not enter anything that they store. Our eggshell storage containers come with holes that are tactically placed in a design to allow your veggies to breathe, keeping them fresh at the same time keeping them covered as required. So it's up to you to decide how you'd want to place your veggies in the kitchen. After all, why should we choose between beauty and utility? When ellementry can do both. Buy vegetable storage containers at ellementry.com.

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