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Natural Wood Butcher Board
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in teak wooden cheese/bread board oval

A seasoned host knows that starters that welcome your guests, set the tone for the evening. They break the ice and ease the guests into the vibe. And when the stakes get high, getting a little cheesy works out more times than anyone would admit. And if you could point cheese on a map, France is where you'd mark it. A good mix of brie, camembert, and sweet cheese should always work out.Our wooden cheese boards set the stage for the cheese you pick for any occasion. The wooden overlays lights up the stage perfectly to fit any cheese: pink or white. And who has better chemistry with cheese other than bread? These platters double up as bread boards as well. So the next time you bake a fresh batch, look no further than these wooden bread boards to slice them on. They're sturdier than they appear. You can pick from a round cheese board or a long bread board depending on the look you're going for. Buy cheese board online at ellementry.com.

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