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Silver Brass Square Trivet

Homemakers are the keepers. And if you’re a homemaker, you don different roles. From managing the household budget and inventory, cooking a different kind of food to suit everyone’s taste buds, to playing the hostess time and again. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You turn the house into a home. And while you’re at it, naturally you are very particular about the details. Whether everything is in its right place in the kitchen and even on the table. Because they help you serve all your best preparations. And what’s better than our silver trivet to help you out? It’s a handmade trivet that adds a beautiful charm to your tables. It’s thoughtfully designed to give a well-set stage to your steamy pots and bowls. To rest the kettle on your kitchen platform or on the table as you pour yourself the daily dose of tea. The trivets for hot dishes do not interfere with any materials it holds and protects your table surface from any heat damage or smudges. Buy food-safe trivets online at www.ellementry.com

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Silver Brass Square Trivet 3990

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