A home, office or any other establishment needs an assortment of decor items to elevate the look and feel of the space. When it comes to choosing one, people have several options to go through. There are centerpieces, sculptures, wall art and most important, vases that binds the whole area together. It can be a daunting task for many people to select an appropriate decor for their room.

If you are struggling with that dilemma and looking for a way out, Ellementry can help. The brand believes that every room must speak of the individual that uses it. But the decoration should be pleasant and must have a vibe to it. Anyone can achieve that with the set of beautifully handcrafted flower vase. 

This home embellishment is a quick and easy way to spruce up the area. You need to have an eye for a good piece, pair it with your favourite plant life, and you are good to go. The area will instantly look more pleasant and worth residing.

Flowers and plants are a natural element, and when you bring that into your living or working space, you automatically connect to nature. If you are aiming for a more striking look with decor plants, this guide will be of great assistance.

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Vase Fillers Are What You Need!

You must have seen people putting their preferred plants and flora into the vase, and that’s about it. This method does look good but is an outdated one. You can bring panache and class to your decoration by choosing vase fillers.

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It will help you achieve an exceptional and more elegant look. You can fill the vase with an assortment of pebbles and then place the flora inside it. Grains, sand, seashells and even nut and bolts are some more exciting fillers to try. 

Give Unique a Try!

There are several conventional vases that people use regularly. No matter how stylish they are but it is a unique item that captures attention instantly. If you wish to create a focal point or want your decoration to be appreciated, then choose a vase made from ecomix material.

Such material gives a raw look that is hard to overlook. You can also go with terracotta or ceramic as that will make people talk about your eye for artistic items. Fix in vegetation or dried plants and create an essence that is wonderful in every sense.

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Oversized Vase Seals The Deal!

How often has it happened that you visited someone or someplace, and the first thing that you noticed was an oversized vase? It happened because such an embellishment doesnt escape the eye.

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If you want to create that same effect, all you need for the purpose is an oversized vase. Place it on the corner or the centre. It will create a centre of attention. Complement it with big dry twigs, herbs, dried flowers, bamboo, and long branches to complete the look. 

Miniature Vases For The Table!

While you are busy selecting an oversized vase for your space, dont forget about the table. A small vase placed as a tabletop is a winning decor statement. It looks beautiful and highly appealing. This method also sets the mood of the room.

You can place plants or flowers inside it to add a natural element. Cover the area with vase fillers because here, it will not go unnoticed. Anyone approaching the table will be able to see the fillers and how creative it makes this simple addition look.

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There is nothing like – “too many flower vases”!

If you are drawn towards flower vases, dont be afraid or shy away from buying a bunch of them. A large area can easily accommodate many such embellishments. If you are low on space, opt for one big vase and multiple smaller ones. Place the small ones together to create harmony.

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Decorate vases from ellementry.com can enliven and energize the ambience of any room. Go with your instincts and choose any item that you like. Be creative and plan arrangements that will woo the visitors.

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