Food is enjoyed more when it is presented nicely. Serveware is not a mere attraction but much more than that on a dining table. Healthy and sleek serving sets enhance your meals, sets the mood for your home dining experiences and expresses your personal style. You may choose to serve and present your food with elegance in terracotta, and ceramic serve ware. Whenever you want, dish up a completely coordinated table with a handcrafted curated range of serve ware, thereby connecting the creative work of artisans to people across regions.  

What is Serveware?

Serveware is used to serve various food items on the dining table. It primarily consists of serving platters, bowls, salad bowls, casseroles, dessert bowls, teapots, soup pots, ladles, serving spoons and pair of tongs that facilitate to neatly and attractively place the food and serve it with love and ease.  

Types of Serveware 

While shopping for serve ware, you will come across various types of materials to choose from. 

Terracotta ware, bone china, porcelain, ceramic, melamine, and several other materials have their individual features, qualities, and cons too. It is important to know the intricacies of these material types, to make a wise choice when shopping. Understanding the differences between the types, from formal settings for dinner parties to the regular pieces for daily use, is significant to choose a set that is sustainable, healthy, and convenient to use.

Ideal serve ware best options

Introduce eco-friendly, non-toxic, elements to your kitchen and develop a sustainable lifestyle with a range of serveware options at Ellementry. Getting the cake or salad or a side dish safely onto everyone’s plate requires the appropriate serving set and a bit of care too. The apt tools mean no more sliding off the cakes or fruits rolling on the floor or the sauces dripping!

Add interest to your food time with bowls, plates, cups, spoons made from terracotta, wood and ceramic. Though both terracotta and ceramic are clay products, the primary difference is the way they are heated. Ceramic is formed when the clay is heated at an even higher temperature than terracotta.

People are gradually becoming aware of the ancient Indian lifestyle and the associated health benefits. It has been established by experts that the use of earthen serveware has been very beneficial. 

Let us have a look at the advantages of wood, ceramic and terracotta dishware:   

Advantages of Terracotta ware:

  • Non-toxic  

Since it is made of clay, these serve ware are safe from the toxicities of various other synthetic materials. Your near and dear ones are safe from health hazards. 

  • Added Flavour

With experience, it has been observed that serving in these mud and clay utensils enriches the flavour as well as retains the food’s aroma for longer.  

  • Comparatively Economical

The cost of earthen serve ware is relatively less than that of tableware made of other materials. There is no better to impress your guests as it adds to the aesthetic value.

Advantages of Ceramicware:

  • Easy to use

A ceramic serving set adds unique and personal touches to a dining table. It is a compatible material as it can be cleaned and maintained with ease.  

  • Colour

Ceramic items are also inclined to hold colour well. Unlike stoneware, paint on ceramic vases stays on the applied surfaces and remains intense for years to come. This makes ceramics more popular as serving sets and decorative pieces.  

  • Easy To Clean

Ceramics are easy to clean, resistant to stains and do not hold the smells and residue of foods or beverages served in it. 

  • Cool surface

The texture of the ceramic coating is smooth and cool to touch and eye-catching. Ceramics serving dishes are leak-proof and perfect for hot and cold beverages.

Advantages of Wooden serving set:

  • No scratches

They are soft and very gentle to use on delicate surfaces. It will not cause any scratch on the finishes of non-stick coatings nor any other material utensils.  

  • Don’t conduct heat

They don’t conduct heat. In case you leave a wooden spoon for a long time in a hot pot, the handle will still stay cold.  

  • Non-toxic

Wood is non-reactive and won’t let in harmful chemicals into your food. The utensils will not react with the acids in foods nor release any metallic taste. 

Why Us?

Change the way you serve every meal. Be it wooden, terracotta, ceramic or environment-friendly metals Ellementry has it all. Bring them to your home for its sustainability, functionality, and earthy aesthetics. Gather your guests around the dining table for an unforgettable experience with iconic serveware. Our dishware not only holds your delicious recipes but makes eating an enjoyable experience. The unique serving platter shapes and tempting crockery prints add panache to any group gathering. 

Browse our exceptional selection today to find your new best-loved piece:  

Serving platter

Be it entertaining a few close friends, or relatives or a group of close people; there are wooden serving platters to meet your needs. Available in various shapes, including oval, rectangular, round and many others. 

Serving bowls

Serving bowls are one of the most important dining table essentials, be it for buffets or family-style dining. The generously sized bowls are available in ceramic, wood and metal. From earthy and organic to simple, elegant and svelte, they add a distinctive style to your table.


If you love hosting tea parties in style then steep and serve tea in ceramic, silver, copper, metal teapots. These attractive arrays of tea sets include a teapot, teacups, and saucers.  

Roti box

The perfect add-on to your kitchen. Keep roti bread warm and soft with a wooden roti box. 

Serving Trays

Perfect for serving appetizers and drinks or as a decorative emphasis on a coffee table, they are a necessity while entertaining near ones. Get to choose from square, rectangular and round trays crafted from wooden and ceramic trays.

Dip bowls

No party is complete without a dip for starters. There are various dip serve ware options to meet your needs. For serving sauces, this is a welcome addition to the table. There are dip bowls that match some of the available dinnerware patterns which make a unique statement.  

Food, side dishes, and desserts look and taste healthier when conferred in stylish serve ware. As we know, the use of eco-friendly serving sets is not the concept of today but since time immemorial. To get a perfect example of various serve ware that is beneficial to both users and nature, browse and select from their amazing range. Get the one that perfectly suits your requirements and budget here. Impart a perfect finishing touch to your masterpiece dishes by serving them on apt serve ware!.

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