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Cooking demands attention, patience, and above all, respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of worship, a way of giving thanks.' Cooking is an art and a science, and knives are considered one of the most critical kitchenware items. Be it vegetarian dishes or non-vegetarian ones, cutting the food items is a primary activity. 

Some prefer knives and others use chopping boards for vegetables, fruits, cheese, bread and meat. The manufacturing of chef's knives dates back to the year 1731. Peter Henkel is known to have founded a kitchen's knife. 

A new cook might wonder about the reasons behind the invention of chopping boards when knives had served the purpose well, for so long. Now, what is a chopping board, and what is its use? Also, how does it make a cook's job not only easy but also efficient? 

Wooden Chopping Board

A chopping board is a kitchenware item used to cut vegetables and other types of food. The decision of choosing chopping boards and butcher boards should be made, thoughtfully. 

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Additional factors that need to be pondered on while deciding on the apt chopping board are the raw material used, kitchen safety, innovation, ease of use, and maintenance. Ellementry is a brand that provides a range of options when it comes to buying a chopping board online. 

The portal offers a range of choices that ensure product durability, food safety and innovation. Things that you should keep in mind while selecting a chopping board for your homes: 

Kitchen Hygiene and cleanliness

Ever wondered why a board is needed apart from a knife when carrying out any cooking activity? We look for an appropriate knife while not paying much attention to the board used for slicing. 

Using a chopping board set promotes proper hygiene of the cooking process. The plane of the board helps hold the chopped items until placed in suitable cookware or serveware. 

Being faithful to your own lifestyle choices

The fusion manufacturing materials ensure that you are at the top of the game coming to lifestyle choices.  Lifestyle choices take under their ambit; factors like aesthetics, maintenance, and care. 

There are several handcrafted, chopping and butcher boards available at Ellementry. Twiggy chopping board highlights the fusion of ingredients used in making the kitchenware. This marble kitchenware item is a perfect amalgamation of wood and marble. They tend to add to the aesthetic values of the kitchen. 

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The choice of our products reflects our progressive thought process and lifestyle choice. Ellementry provides innovative, fusion materials in chopping board sets. 

The out-of-the-box ideas of the handcrafted material help households stand out in terms of a novel lifestyle choice. For instance, when choosing kitchenware boxes, dual-purpose can be served with two in one bread box. The wooden lid of the bread box can also be used, as a chopping board. 

Board of all trades

The choice of the right chopping board may depend on the buyer’s purpose. For instance, the Mango wood Chopping board is multipurpose. It can chop any types of food items ranging from cheese and bread to vegetables. 

Spacious boards help make the relatively risky task, easy. A chopping board with an attached knife helps the chopping process become more secure. Sturdy chopping and butcher boards ensure the safety of the process. 

Durability is the key

Chopping is one of the most frequent activities in kitchens across the globe. Be it the preparation of daily meals or organizing a feast, the board's durability is of high importance. 

The chopping board set should ideally be with a strong base. For instance, marble cutting boards are considered to be more hygienic than some other cutting boards. Marble is known to have a very hard and non-porous top surface. It is impermeable and hence a preferred material for chopping boards. 

Whether it involves preparing for a vegetable stir fry or chopping colourful veggies for a fresh salad, Ellementry offers a range of chopping boards. The boards come into contact with most of our food. It is also crucial to replace them regularly apart from maintaining and cleaning the boards regularly to promote the hygiene of the kitchen. 

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