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Keeping only basic furniture in your house is never sufficient if you want to design your house unconventionally and magnificently, Accent Furniture is an easy and good solution. Accent furniture not only helps you to stylize your house but it also makes your room more functional. Accent furniture allows you to experiment with colors, textures, designs, and materials. It gives your house that perfect magazine house looks that you had always desired.

Go for accent furniture that compliments your room’s basic decor. You can keep an accent chair in your room to increase your seating area or keep accent chest or cabinets to add extra storage space along with style. You can also keep an accent side table that can be used to keep decor items or books or can be used when you have guests at your place and you need extra space to keep items in your house. You can also use accent plant stands and dividers that will easily and stylishly divide your room in sections that you can use for different activities. You can always visit Ellementry to grab perfect accent furniture for your place at nominal prices. In this article, we will give you some easy and feasible accent furniture ideas that will help you to give a new life to your home decor.                                       

You need to take care of certain points before selecting any accent furniture:-

  • Traditional Accent Furniture- This accent furniture takes you back in the old era. It gives your room a vintage look. You can select chairs with wooden legs, oval back, intricate carvings, velvet, and leather upholstery. This kind of furniture gives a timeless look to your room decor.
  • Transitional Accent Furniture- This furniture goes with almost all decor objects. They are perfect for people who are looking for accent furniture that is neither too old fashioned nor too modern. These kinds of furniture come with curved frames with clean lines or masculine details with feminine silhouettes.
  • Contemporary Accent Furniture- This accent furniture consists of designs that are in trend. This furniture will always give your house a touch of glamour and style.
  • Modern Accent Furniture- This type of furniture comes in a fresh design. They give your home a mid-century styling. They comprise of things made of wood, linen, teak, leather, and metal. 

Mix And Match

Are you looking for accent furniture ideas that will give a unique look to your home decor? Then mix and match is the perfect option for you. No matter in which room you have kept accent furniture you can always pair it with other pieces so that it stands out even more and attract everyone who enters the room. Mixing accent pieces give a complete transformation to the room. Dark furniture in the light background or vice versa helps to highlight the beauty of accent furniture. You should always try to balance the decor in the room. Your room decor should look appealing, not appalling. Some tips to consider before pairing your accent furniture are:-

  • Keep in mind the contrast between material and elements. Always keep light accent furniture with a dark background and vice versa. Remember your mixing and matching will change the entire personality of your room. So always try to maintain the contrast among the artefacts to maintain balance in the room.
  • Before picking up any accent furniture piece take into matter its size and whether it will go with the remaining decor of your room. The proportion should always be taken into account to maintain balance in the room. 
  • If you want to play safe then go for black and white accent furniture as it gels well with any decor theme. These accent furniture always add that style statement in your room without too much hustle. 

These accent furniture ideas if implemented properly will always give that perfect look to your house. You can always find accent furniture for your room at Ellementry at nominal prices.

Now let us tell you some accent furniture pieces that you can add to your room to give that designer look to your space.

  • Accent Chair- When it comes to adding some accent furniture to the house the piece loved by all is a designer chair. A chair is the most usable piece in accent furniture. You can select a traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern look accent chair depending on what theme you are working on. A chic designer chair will always upgrade the personality of your room and will allow you to transform the look of your house easily. Go for an accent chair that works best for you.

  • Side Table:- A stylish side table will not only add to the beauty of your room but will also add extra functionality in your room. You can use it to keep a gorgeous showpiece or some books or magazines that can entertain people sitting there.

  • Storage Cabinet / Chest - A rustic or contemporary cabinet/chest not only will attract everyone towards it but will also help you to keep your stuff in place and organized easily. You can go for a cabinet of contrast color to add that drama in your room.

  • Stool - You can always place accent stools here and there in your room to give that young and fresh look to your home decor. You can go for a modern metal stool or a royal wood one. Nowadays you get fiber stools in bright colors that add a perfect brightness to your room.

  • Artifacts - Imagine an uncommon showpiece or flower vase kept on an elegant wooden table. Will not that showpiece attract you as soon as you enter the room? If you want to add that little drama and pop to your room pick unusual designer objects to complete your room decor.  

No matter what is your style and choice you can always find that perfect accent furniture piece for your house that suits your personality. If you want to give your house a look that you had seen in a magazine and don’t want to spend too much time and money on the transformation go and pick an accent furniture piece to do the task. No matter which room you want to refurbish you will always find an accent furniture piece that will not only add in the room’s decor but will also add to the functionality of that room. You can always visit Ellementry to find the perfect accent furniture for your home at marginal prices.

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