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When we hear the term accent, the only thing strikes our mind is something unique or different. The literal meaning of accent is a distinctive manner of expression. These days a new style has been introduced for furniture known as accent furniture. Accent furniture is a trendy way of decorating a room where furniture speaks its beauty and importance. But there are only a few who have sufficient knowledge and understanding about the accent furniture and how it complements the existing furniture style of the home. Many people still need to learn about accent furniture.

Accent furniture is the best way of renovating interiors of the house as it will make it highly interesting and will make the place livelier. There are most accent furniture pieces that do not just work as decor but are of great use for the particular section of the room. There are different ways in which accent furniture can be used for each room of the house and how they serve multiple purposes. You must head to Ellementry to check out some of the best accent furniture items.

Tips for selecting Accent furniture

There are some tips that are to be considered by everyone who is looking for incorporating accent furniture to their home styling. Here is all that you need to know more about accent furniture.

  • Small piece of furniture

If your aim is to give some bold and attractive pieces of furniture to redefine your place then you can start with accent furniture. But it is recommended to start decorating with small items like a coloured ottoman or a side chair. Any of the small accent furniture can be used at any corner of the room. 

  • Pattern to be chosen wisely

When a piece of accent furniture is used for the room then they must have some pattern with the existing furniture. The pattern can be a mix-up of different types but it would be more attractive if the selected pattern has some boldness in it. A bold pattern table can be used as a subtle pattern of rug that will complement well. 

  • Must add personality to your room

The most important function of accent furniture is that it must give a new personality to your room. The thing about the accent furniture is that they are a bit costly but they will give your room a new personality for sure. So, add some costly and wide-ranged accent piece for your house. 

  • Contrast is best to make lively 

If your room has only two colours, let's consider black and white then some other bold colour is the best accent furniture for your room. Contrast brings attraction to your room as it dominates over the monotonous colours of the room. 

Different accent furniture for your house

Each piece of accent furniture has its specific role to play and it’s time to know about the accent furniture as their role for different rooms. 

  • Side Table 

Side tables are space-saving and multiple roles playing accent furniture for different rooms. In a living room, Ellementry’s metal side table is best as it covers-up space in between the sofa seat and wall. This accent furniture has no combination with the pattern of the sofa but has an accent for the room. A wooden side table with a round shape can be placed in between sofa seats and act as a coffee table. A small side table is perfect for a living room but it must have bold colour, complementing pattern and a unique structure. 

  • Wine cabinets

For wine lovers, it is very difficult to maintain and store their wine bottles in a small house with not storeroom. An accent furniture piece can solve their problem and will also give their living room a bold personality. A wine cabinet with beautiful antique designs engraved on it can be placed in the corner of the room. This accent furniture piece is a mode of entertainment and can serve as a whole bar in the corner of the room. When you came to see this accent furniture then you will surely add it to your furniture and express your personality in a different way. 

  • Wooden Bench

The old technique of making benches is cane weaving. There was a period when wooden furniture went into different styles from seats and benches but the use of foam and covers diminish the attraction of canes. But adding such a bench in your furniture and keeping it as a centre table or side coffee table will attract others. This does not match with the current trend sofas and seats but has a warmth of the good old days. Visit Ellementry website for best benches as accent furniture for your house. 

  • Coloured Chairs

These days colours are highly preferred over the natural wooden touch. The most commonly used accent furniture for redecorating the interiors of the house is a chair. The chair can be placed in any corner or even at a vacant place in the hall. A chair with some bold colour is highly recommended and used as a piece of accent furniture. In general, we have a traditional type of furniture and if we place a modern chair with some flair then our room brightens up differently. 

  • Chesters at the entrance

Accent furniture is commonly considered for decorating the interiors of the house means living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc but some of these can also redefine the entrance of the house. The traditional way of decorating entrance is by placing some showpieces and flower vases. But chests and drawers accent furniture can be placed at the entrance. An antique chest on the entrance will make you happy and can be used for storing keys etc.  

All about accent furniture and their uses have been discussed in detail. You can refer to these points before paying a huge amount for accent furniture for your house. Check out Ellementry for reasonable accent furniture.

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