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Furniture is a vital part, an essential element in every space. It helps us to utilize the area in the best way. It enhances the space that allows free movement. Thus, decor furniture works as a functional element in interior design. 

When placed in the right sense, it establishes a pleasing sense of order. If we look at the market, there are currently so many designs that selecting the right one becomes a highly daunting task. Furthermore, a majority of people today don’t look at furniture as a mere necessity. 

For them, it is now functional art. A way to enhance how their home or office looks like. Ellementry understands and is in line with the changing trends. This is why; this sustainable product's maker offers individuals some of the best accent furniture that is no less than functional art. 

Furniture and functionality work together. So, before you bring home any piece of furniture, you must keep a few things in mind. The principles of design must be applied to furniture. The size, scale, and proportion should be considered of every furnishing you wish to add to your home. 

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You must also be clear whether you are adding furniture to create a focal point or harmonizing the space. It is only then it will become easier to make furniture your functional art. To further help you out in your task, listed below are some top accent furniture options from Ellementry that are worthy to be added to your living or working space. 

Furrow Peg Table

Elevate the look of your living space or balcony with a furrow peg table. The intelligent design and style add a flavour to the area where it is placed. One great thing about this table is that it is easy to lift. So as per your requirement, you can move and place it in the desired room. 

Further, you can use it for various purposes. It will also work amazingly as a side table. You will be taking a non-conventional route with this furniture piece. There are two sizes available online. Make a pair or select a large and small one to give your interior decoration an edge. 

Twine Wooden Bench with Rack

Benches are in trend. So, you must add at least one to your home, too. The best area to place this bench is at the end of the bed. This way you will have extra sitting space in your bedroom.


Twine wooden bench with rack


A twine wooden bench with a rack will give you more space to store your shoes, magazines, bags, baskets or more. If you are low on space in the bedroom area, place it at the entrance of your home, vanity area or living room. 

The strong mango wood ensures that the furniture stays in its original beauty for a very long time. The product is handcrafted and a perfect fusion of form and function. 

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Cane Craft Side Table With Removable Trays

This particular piece of furniture is at the epitome of form and function. Place it where ever you want, and it will automatically enhance the appearance of the space. The oak wood table comes with two removable cane trays.

Use it to serve your family or guests some tasty nibbles and drinks. It is sturdy enough to hold a lamp as well. Its neutral colour allows you to place it in any room, and it will effortlessly gel with the décor theme and shades.

The furniture offers you additional space to store your favourite things. Furthermore, move it from one area to another without moving the entire side table. 

Modmax Wooden Coffee Table

If your living room needs a dash of freshness or you wish to replace the centre table, a modmax wooden coffee table is what you need. The kitchen decor furniture is big enough to hold snacks and drinks when guests arrive.


Modmax Wooden coffee table


There is a platform below the table that could be used to place magazines, TV remote and consoles. The round table will not take too much space but create a perfectly harmonized living area. 

Are you feeling giddy with excitement? Cannot wait to add these furniture pieces to your home? Then all you need to do is visit Go through the selection of accent furniture and place an order right away.  

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