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Baking – an elusive art for some and a passion for others. Why elusive? Because it is a completely different set of techniques than the routine techniques used in the Indian kitchen. Baking is a technique which uses precise measurements, a teaspoon here and there, or a degree of heat, less or more can affect the taste and the texture of the dish being prepared.  

Another important factor towards a great baking experience is finding the right set of essential bakeware to be a part of your kitchen essentials. Little is known about the importance of the quality of bakeware. But the experts like Ellementry can guide you with the right material depending on the kind of food you are baking and the demands of the recipe (quick baking, high heat or low heat, quick cooling, and so on). 

That said, there are a few kitchen essentials that are a must-have  when it comes to having a wholesome baking experience: 


  • Cake Pan: Talk of baking and the first thing that comes to mind is cake. A good quality non-stick cake pan can prove to be useful in baking not just cakes but also casseroles. You can use the cake tins available in Ellementry baking essentials to bake multiple layers of cakes. Ensure that you have multiple shapes of cake pans to be a little more adventurous in the baking journey. 
  • Baking Dish: A strong heat resistant baking dish can make a great difference in the resulting dish. While metal baking dishes are good when you need quick heating and quick cooling in the dish, glass or ceramic baking dishes are great for providing slow yet long-lasting heat for the dish. Not to mention, ceramic baking dishes come in attractive colours that are good enough to serve your guests. 

  • Cookie Sheet: A sturdy metallic cookie sheet goes a long way when you are planning to bake lots and lots of cookies for guests. Well, who doesn’t like nice homemade cookies? But it is also important to understand the life of a cookie sheet. Overusing a cookie sheet can not only affect the taste of your cookies but also prove harmful in the future. 
  • Muffin Tin: While the name suggests that it is meant only for muffins, that’s not true. A good quality silicone or metal muffin tin can help you prepare a variety of sweet and savoury snacks, right from popsicles and tarts to quiches and mini-pizzas. You think of it, and you can prepare a mini-version in a muffin tin. 
  • Loaf Pan: A freshly baked loaf of whole wheat bread or nice banana bread with a melt-in-the-mouth texture is a dream come true for the ideal tea party. For such a dream to come true, it is important to have a trusty metal loaf pan that can sustain the high heat required to bake bread – keep the inside soft and the outside crusty. 
  • Casserole Dish: To bake a hearty casserole as a filling one-pot dish or a cosy retreat for the winters, it is very important to have a sturdy casserole dish. A ceramic casserole pan goes a long way towards providing uniform heat and attractive presentation of the dish. When it comes to a casserole dish, sustaining the heat is very important, and this is easily achieved with a ceramic dish. 

  • Rolling Pins: Whether you want to bake tarts or prepare attractive pies, a nice and smooth-rolling pin is an essential part of any bakeware. Not only does the rolling pin prove useful for baking, but it is already a part of the Indian kitchen essentials. 
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons: Baking is all about precise measurement. That is why it is important to have a set of accurate measuring cups and spoons so that the outcome is accurate and appetizing. Try the new range of cups and spoons for baking available at Ellementry. Also,  ensure that the measuring cups and spoons are cleaned after every use so that the ingredients – and consequently the tastes – do not get mixed up in the process. 

  • Stand Mixer: With precise measurement comes uniform mixing. The best-baked dish has a smooth texture that tastes the same throughout as a result of being mixed thoroughly. The nice and handy mixture can prove to be useful in creating nice and fluffy batters for cakes and pancakes, as well as for pies. You can also use a mixer to prepare the dough for cookies and tarts. The use of a mixer is not limited to baking, though, in case you are wondering. You can also use it in for the Indian cuisine to prepare chapati dough or mix the batter for Indian pancakes. 
  • Cooling Racks: The epitome of patience is the cooling rack. While it holds the completed dish, it also signifies that the process is not complete yet. A sturdy cooling rack holds a dish of any weight and holds it till the dish is cool enough to consume. 
  • Tart Pans and Pie Pans: While they look similar, tart pans and pie pans are different in many small ways. Pie pans come in only one shape and have sloping sides. They come in various depths, though, and can be made of tin, aluminium, and even fire clay. As for tart pans, they come with straight sides and various shapes, most bakers think that tarts provide a more professional look. They can be used not to bake just tarts but also to prepare quiches. Just like pie pans, tart pans are also available in tin and steel. But the best tart pans come in ceramic because they allow for the best quality of the crust. Then again, be it a pie pan or tart pan, the best pan comes with a removable bottom, which ensures that the pie or tart is not disturbed while it cools. 

  • Ramekins: For miniature dishes, ramekins are the best fun bakeware you can add to your kitchen essentials. With ramekins, you can prepare mini-souffles, pies, and custards. Ceramic ramekins not only are oven- and freezer-safe, but they also come in attractive designs. This makes them ready-to-serve. 

Baking may seem like an intimidating technique. However, once you have trained your mind to use the bakeware efficiently, it doesn’t seem like a daunting task. A set of bakeware essentials that once seemed to occupy “too much space” in your kitchen will soon become a part of your life as a baking pro.

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