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According to Louis Parrish, “If you organize your kitchen, you can organize your life”. The saying is true because a kitchen is that part of our house where all the family members meet after a hectic schedule. All the family members share their thoughts and feelings over a sumptuous meal cooked by the homemaker in the kitchen. We all love to organize and renovate our kitchens. Preparing a budget is very important to renovate or organize a kitchen. Websites like Ellementry can be of great help here since everyone cannot afford an expensive kitchen. The task of kitchen organization has now become comparatively affordable and trendy with easy DIY kitchen ideas.

20 innovative DIY kitchen organization ideas:

∙         Use a chalkboard as a menu-list: You can create a decorative menu-board out of a chalkboard. You can make a list of all the items on the chalkboard according to cabinets in your kitchen. You can paint or use innovative ideas in designing the chalkboard. It will not only make your kitchen look innovative but also organized. When you have a list of all the items in your kitchen handy, it makes working in the kitchen easier. 

∙         Cutting board storage ideas: Storage of cutting boards is essential because they are vulnerable to dust and germs. You can use easy DIY kitchen organization ideas to fix racks to the inside door of cabinets, or you can get very some pocket-friendly options available at Ellementry. It will not only save space but protect your cutting boards from dust and dirt.

∙         Turn a pallet into a pot-holder: You can paint an old pallet and change it into a storage area for pots and pans. You can renovate the pallet by painting it beautifully. Next, anchor it to the wall with screws and add some hangers to hang pots and pans. This is a unique kitchen organization hack using DIY kitchen ideas. 

∙         Extra storage for canned food: You can build your storage cabinet with a few boards and a little patience. You can fit wheels to the cabinet so that it can be put away to a hidden corner and taken out when needed. You can store all your kitchen essentials like spices, canned food, bottles and condiments in this DIY kitchen cabinet. 

∙         Use alphabets to categorise spices: You can create beautiful alphabet cut-outs and categorise your spice bottles with them. It is not only a great kitchen organisation hack but a great way to add colour to your otherwise boring kitchen.

∙         DIY apothecary jars: You can use your old jars to create DIY apothecary jars. You can paint the lids with beautiful colours and store all your spices and condiments in these jars.

∙         Pegboard kitchen storage: You can create an innovation pegboard for your kitchen organisation and storage. You must choose a vacant wall and hang a pegboard on it. Next, attach hooks to the pegboard and hang your utensils. Innovative yet inexpensive, this DIY kitchen storage idea is great, especially for those who do not want to spend much on kitchen organisation.

∙         Organising the kitchen door: You can renovate your kitchen door to organise your kitchen innovatively. You paint the kitchen door and attach some hangers to hang utensils, towels, and other kitchens essential. These simple yet unique kitchen organisation ideas help you make the most of your kitchen space.

∙         Using DIY labels: You can design impressive labels for all the kitchen essentials like spices, rice, pulses, condiments and everything else. Write the names in vibrant colours to add colour to your kitchen. It is a superb idea to locate different items in the kitchen, especially when more than one person handles the kitchen. These beautifully made labels will make your kitchen work easier.

∙         Paint your dull knife board: You can change the dull look of your kitchen by painting the dull wooden knife board with vibrant colours. You can also make small designs on the knife board using DIY ideas.

∙         Using DIY baskets: Baskets are a great way of storing kitchen essentials and organising the kitchen properly. You can paint all your old and used baskets and use them to store your kitchen essentials. Baskets come in different shapes and sizes, with or without covers, so use them accordingly. Arranging everything in baskets gives a more organised and decluttered look to your kitchen. It is also an inexpensive kitchen organisation hack.

∙         Build your DIY spice rack: you can build your spice rack using a few boards and decorative moulds. Just hang it on a vacant wall, and your kitchen will look smart and innovative. This home-made DIY spice rack can be made more eye-catching by painting and designing it. 

∙         DIY wine rack: You can create your wine rack with leftover wooden boards. Just paint the wooden boards and fix them on a vacant wall. Your kitchen will get a classy yet chic look with the smart and innovative wine rack. The different colours of the wine with the vibrant coloured rack will lighten up your dull kitchen wall.

∙         DIY wooden utensil box: You can make your DIY wooden box to store knives, spoons and forks. You will need a few wooden planks, some colours to decorate and wood fixing glue. These are budget-friendly ways of kitchen organisation.

∙         Plant stand food rack: You can create a fruit and vegetable rack out of a plant stand. You can paint them or use them in their original form, but they are an innovative DIY idea to organise your kitchen.

∙         Under-sink DIY: you can use old baskets to arrange the space under your kitchen sink properly. Use baskets of different sizes to organise the space.

∙         Free storage labels: you can create your labels for storing items in the kitchen freezer. Since freezer storage packs look the same, it gets difficult to identify the items within. Hence, you can label them beautifully using DIY kitchen ideas.

∙         DIY drawer dividers: You can use old cardboard boxes as drawer dividers. You can wrap and paint the boxes using waterproof painting. It is an excellent DIY kitchen organisation idea as dividing large drawers into sections enables categorising and organising kitchen drawers properly.

∙         Turn trays into spice holders: You can turn your old trays into spice racks by fixing wooden boards in the middle. You can paint and fix the trays on the wall to organise your kitchen walls.

∙         Turn metal storage bins into storage shelves: Metal storage bins are inexpensive. You can turn them into beautiful storage racks to organise the items in your less spacious kitchen. Just hang them on the kitchen wall, and they are ready to hold all the kitchen essentials. You can paint or design the metal storage bins to add colour to your kitchen.

At Ellementry, we provide kitchen storage and organisation items that are both budget-friendly and classy. We use wood, ceramic, terracotta and glass for our kitchen items. Kitchen organisation is a hectic task, but if done properly, can be cost-effective yet classy. You can use different DIY ideas to decorate and organise your kitchen.

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