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Festivals are the best time for everyone around the world as it brings joy, happiness, light, and togetherness. In this busy life, it is very difficult to find some time even for family members. But festivals make it possible as they demand togetherness so that every minute of the festival can be celebrated. For any festival, presenting a gift to your loved one is a tradition worldwide. But selecting the best gift is very difficult as there are many products in the line for gifting purposes. When you went to the market it became impossible to decide what festive gifts to buy for each member of the family. So this article will be greatly helpful to you as it lists the best festive gifts of 2020 for each festival and each member of the family. 

Tea lights to bring the light of happiness

Lights are special attractions and compulsory decoratives for all the festivals. These days china lights, rice lights are used to decorate the house, but none of them can beat the attraction of tea lights. For those who love to decorate their place traditionally, candles matter a lot. In the list of best festive gifts of 2020 tea, light holders with candles are at the top. These fit for the celebration of any festival and also justify their existence by spreading the light of positivity everywhere. Best tea light holders can be explored on the Ellementry website. 

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Carafe to pour joy in life

In any culture or any corner of the world, when we welcome our guest we offer them water and welcome drinks. This is an important and highly significant tradition around the world. The significance is to make guests feel comfortable and homely. So when you have to decide the best gift for the festival Carafe and tumblers can be a great idea. In the form of welcome drinks, joy is poured into everyone's life. For festive gifts to buy like carafe and tumbler, you can visit Ellementry and check out our best carafe tumbler sets. 

Assorted wax candles to spread the glitter around the place

Wax candles are a replacement of the traditional diyas and lanterns which spread glitter and shimmer around the place during festivals and celebrations. These days assorted candles are prepared that spreads freshness and sweetness. Among the list of best festive gifts of 2020 assorted candles are of the best options. There is a wide range of assorted candle sets are available on Ellementry that are fit for festive gifts to buy. 

Coffee mug sets

Apart from decoratives, items of personal use are highly recommended festive gifts to buy for anyone. There are certain options like personal care items, clothes, jewelry, and also coffee mugs with special attraction. When you have to decide festive gifts to buy for couples, then couple of coffee mugs or coffee mug sets are the best options. These will add freshness daily in their life and the fragrance of coffee will always make them think of you. For trendy coffee mugs, you can visit Ellementry and choose the best for gifting. 

Nut bowls adding attraction to the centre table

Festivals are not only for wishing and visiting friends and family, but it is also about food and drinks. While decorating the place for festivals everyone tries to add platters and serve bowls with special attractions on the tables. Center tables are set up with candles and nuts bowls that are for the starters. For such people who love to decorate their place and tables uniquely, nut bowls with different materials and shapes are highly appreciated. For the best festive gifts of 2020, you can buy coconut shell made nut bowls from Ellementry and impress your friends and family with your creative thoughts. 

Tea sets for tea lovers

Tea is love for few and life for many. Those who have a special love for tea no other thing can complement it. For them, tea must be poured in the best cups, have the best kettle, and other elements of the tea set. So for such people no need to worry about deciding the festive gift to buy. You can give them a milk sugar set, cup bowl sets, etc. Best options for tea sets are available on Ellementry and can be explored from there. 

Condiment set for housemakers

For housemakers, each corner of their house must be perfect including their servers, drinkware, decoration, etc. They love to set up the dining tables in such a way that no one has to worry about the add ons for their food like salt, pepper, vinegar, and additional oil. But it does not look perfect if all these things are kept randomly in plates and bowls. So to make them happy, buy condiment sets of salt, pepper, vinegar bottle, and oil bottle and add it into the list of festive gifts to buy for lovely housemakers. You can explore ceramic-based condiment sets on Ellementry and make the dining table look perfect for the festive season. 

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Set up dining table with Cheese mate set for starters

Food is the most important part of any celebration and for festivals, these are exceptionally important. For festivals, each family has some traditional dishes and that is to be served in beautiful dishes. Cheese based dishes demand a perfect platter that will ease up serving and plating both. These kinds of platters and dishes are perfect festive gifts to buy for food lovers and cooking lovers. Best cheese mate sets for the best festive gift of 2020 are available on Ellementry. 

All these are some ideas to make up your festive gift shopping easier. This article might prove helpful to you in buying the best festive gift of 2020 and impress your friends and family with your unique gift ideas. 

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