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When we were kids, any festival would make us jubilant, most of which was the excitement of receiving gifts. Festivals are a time of happiness and excitement with friends and family coming together to celebrate a festival. But how can an auspicious occasion be complete without the saga of festive gifts?

Gifts have almost been a necessity in every celebration or festival and are a very formal affair in many places, one which is taken quite seriously. But choosing a suitable gift is a very tricky business as the gifts should be relatable to the person to whom it is presented. Therefore, choosing a gift that is closest to his/her age, and matching the likeness is very important. India, in particular, is a land of diverse festivals, and for buying gifts every time visiting shops after shops is not possible. Hence, with changing times buying gifts online has become a more preferred and acceptable means of getting that suitable gift. With a wide array of choices and rare range of products with exciting deals in tow, gifting has never been so exciting. You must check out the items available on Ellementry for your loved one.

This article is going to talk on how to select festival gifts for different age groups. At the end of the article, you will have a clear idea of how to select the best suitable gift for an individual without getting overwhelmed by the choices.

How to select festival gifts for different age groups

Categorizing festive gifts as per the age is relatively easier than choosing individual gifts based on their tastes. Let’s take a look at how to select festival gifts for different age groups-

  • For Kids:

Choosing a gift for kids is relatively easier than choosing a gift for an elderly person as kids can be satisfied and distracted easily. Even the array of gifts available for kids is more, as compared to other gifting ranges. For children below ten toy cars, remote-controlled toys, robots, barbie dolls, and toy drones take away the spotlight, whereas for kids above ten years of age should be gifted with a little more thoughtfulness. Some of the post 10+ age festive gift options can be stationary, comics, books, superheroes club subscription, tickets to an amusement park, etc.

  • For teenagers:

Teenagers are temperamental with a strict like and dislike for things. Gifting appropriately is important. Gifts ranging from cosmetics to musical instruments, shoes, branded accessories, etc.  are more appropriate for this group. On Ellementry, we have the perfect gift in the form of 2 in 1 Carafe Tumbler set, a superb way to start your day by drinking water in it every morning.

  • For middle-age groups from the 20s to 50s:

This is the most variant age group with a wide range of gifting options. The people of this age group are easy to satisfy as they welcome all sorts of gifts as they understand the intentions behind the gifting. Ellementry has some fabulous choices like Indigo condiment set (A perfect fit on your dining table), Ludo dip bowl (for those surprise guests), Bougie green and converses coffee mug ( for those evening conversations) amongst many more

  • For the age group of 60 and beyond:

This age group is more mature and wants only memories in the form of gifts. This age requires more sentimental festive gifts, one which is a well-thought gift. Ellementry respects those sentiments and offers perfect memories in the form of Dialogue teacups and platter (for those family-time conversations), Tidbid nut bowl set (for their health), Tiffany glass jars for those home-made condiments amongst many more.

Let’s first try and understand as to why gifting is so important and what roles does this gifting culture play in our lives?

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Why gifts and gifting?

According to Indian customs, festive gifts are supposed to bring you closer by strengthening your relationships. The definition of ‘gifting’ is to present something to someone voluntarily out of the heart. Gifting –

  • Strengthens relationships and friendships
  • Makes the festival and the occasion even more special
  • Acts a perfect memoir for the occasion
  • Is taken as an act of love and shows the importance of the recipient
  • Strengthens corporate networking
  • Helps in keeping in touch over long-distance relationships
  • Given as a token of thanks
  • Helps in acknowledging someone’s importance

India, the land of festivals, has got many major festivals across all major religions giving the people many chances to celebrate and fun and frolic together. Some of the festivals in India which is big on gifting are:

  • Eid: This is one of the major festivals of India. It happens every year, during the summer-autumn months. Id-ul-Zuha or Bakr Id is one of the largest festivals for the Muslim religion, one which is celebrated with a lot of laughs and get-togethers. Gifting during this time is considered a necessary social etiquette. During this time, the Muslim population observes fasting the whole day with just one meal a day. During this time, clothes, jewellery, and other collectables are offered along with sumptuous meals with family members together.

  • Diwali: Diwali is the festival of lights, one which is celebrated on a grand scale in many households and localities. Diwali is the time of the year when the winter is just setting in, and the wintery nights along with the lighted sky is everyone's favorite. Sweets are one gift which is a necessity for all the people coming together. During this time, gifting gold coins and gold to near and dear ones is highly popular. You can also gift candles, tea lights, lamps, etc on this special occasion. Ellementry has a myriad of such items that can make your loved ones Diwali special.

  • Christmas: This festival is one of the biggest festivals across the globe, with gifting as one of its many aspects. Christmas goes big on gifting as Children across the globe belief in Santa and his gifts prompting parents to buy gifts for children. This festival also brings families together along with lots of exciting gifts for their dear ones. Gifts of every sort find its place during Christmas with families opting or more informal gifts for their family members and offices going for a more professional version of the gifts. But nevertheless, gifting is a must.
  • Raksha Bandhan: This festival celebrates the relationship between a brother and his sister, where the brother swears to protect his sister against all the odds and gifts his sister in return for tying the 'Rakhi' (a sacred wrist thread) that reinforces his promise.

Factors that influence buying gifts:

While selecting gifts, certain criteria should be kept in mind to even start browsing gifts. Some of these criteria-

  • Age of the person that will be gifted
  • The relationship that you share with the person (If professional then the gift should be more formal)
  • Choice of the person and his affinity towards things
  • Your budget
  • The kind of festival for which gifting is being considered.

Now, the main question? Where do we find age-specific and choice-specific gifts?

If you are confused and overwhelmed at the thought of buying gifts for your near and dear ones but tired of gifting the similar items time and again, maybe it's time to check out our new collection of the rarest collectables at Ellementry.

Conclusion: One fact that is uniform with all kinds of gifting that needs to be noted is that these gifts are worth a lot to many, but if it doesn't match the recipient's choice or preference, then the gift won't be appreciated adequately. Thus, choosing the gift in lines of someone's preference and the choice is equally important.

Ellementry offers the finest collection of rare gifts that are perfect for all kinds of age groups. Our collection of festive gifts includes- Hibiscus glow assorted wax candles for that homemaker friend, soul tea set for the writer friend, converse coffee mug for that chatty friend, among many others. These gifts are classy and add elegance and a timeless vibe to any setting. For more exciting products with great deals, do browse through our website.

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