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Best friends are indeed special. They are the first ones to make fun of you, bring out your goofy side and are aware of your darkest of secrets. They are your guides, saviours and always know how to cheer you up after a bad day. Gifts are the best way to show your BFF that you care.

Have a best friend’s birthday coming up? For a person who has been by your side through thick and thin, you must be looking for some unusual gifts. Well, it is important to find something good, after all, we are talking about your best friend. You know your best friend the best, so it may be quite easy to pick a gift for them. But if you are looking for gifts to buy for a friend that are unique and stand apart, here is a list we have compiled for you to start your search. Do not forget to check out Ellementry for unique and special gifts.

  1.     A handmade card with your code phrases

There is something special about a handmade gift. Something handmade is always a unique gift and in fact, the best idea for your best friend. If your friend has a creative streak in them, then they will be thrilled to get something made by you. A handmade card is ideal to make since it is quick and easy and you don’t have to be an artist to make one. Simply be yourself and put in something that is personal to you. Doodle in your favourite dishes or silly drawings, it will surely bring a smile to your friend’s face and they will treasure it for years to come. You can even write some inside jokes or code phrases to make it more personal.

  1. Make a healthy choice

If you have the budget, give your friend a cycle or a rider and make a healthy choice. It is one of the unusual gifts that will not just make your friend happy but also positively impact their life. It will help them boost their activity levels and have regular exercise. Not to mention that they are fun to ride on. In fact, if you are looking for gifts to buy for a friend who is a health freak, this one promises to make them happy.

  1.   A set of unique wine glasses

Wine glasses have always been cherished and you know your best friend will love them too. While one cannot have too many wine glasses, it is also true that all wine glasses do not make up for a unique gift. So, instead of picking any run-of-the-mill wine glasses, how about buying them these blush brass wine glass from Ellementry to add a touch of royalty to their bar collection.

  1.   A bar tool set

Now that we have established that alcohol is important, there are other accessories that are a must for anyone who likes to maintain a bar. While a bare tool set does not count as an unusual gift to you, hold that thought before you check out this copper metal bar tool set from Ellementry. This three piece set of bar tools is one of the best gifts to buy for a friend.

  1.     A good quality coffee Mug

Your birthday gift should be creative enough to cherish the friendship bond that you share and there is no dearth of personalised gifts for best friends in the market. But personalised and photo mugs are passe’. How about you give them a set of high quality mugs that will remind them of you every morning. Adorable isn’t it?  Do check out this ceramic coffee mug in beautiful blue colour. This ceramic mug polka dots w/wdn lid blue from Ellementry comes with a wooden lid that doubles up as a coaster.

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Most people cannot begin their day without coffee. If your friend is one such person, then this is a great gift for them since it will be regularly used and adored.

  1.     Organic green tea kit

People are going crazy over organic stuff these days. If your best friend is also one of them, give them an organic green tea gift pack. You can pick up their favourite flavour of green tea and make it more special by adding this tea amore gift box green from Ellementry. This box comes with a set of two brass tea bag rests and one teaspoon making it a complete package for that green tea lover.

  1.     Cake server/platter

For that homemaker friend or one that loves to host, give them something useful like this mango wood two tier cake stand from Ellementry. This beautiful cake stand made in brown mango wood is handmade and washable, not to mention, it will give a royal look to any cake you serve.

  1. Solar phone charger

If your friend often forgets to charge their phone before they leave the house, this unusual gift will surely make their lives easier. A solar phone charger is a small device that uses solar energy to charge your phone. All you need to do is stick the device to your car’s window and plug in the charging cable. They will not have to worry about the battery dying, even if they are travelling for hours. With a solar charger, your friend will always have a charger to go and not have to worry about saving the battery. They will thank you for this gift!

  1. A fitness tracker

So what if they don’t have time to hit the gym daily or head out for a run. Wearing a fitness tracker will surprise them of how much workout they get done daily or motivate them to do more. It is an ideal gift for a mom who is busy running around after the kids or a stay at home mom to encourage her to take care of her fitness.

Now that you have some ideas of gifts to buy for a friend, which one do you think you will be willing to buy? Feel free to share the article and do let us know of more unusual gifts that you would like to receive!

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