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Trivets are utilities used in the kitchen for various purposes. These are available in two types. The first category includes a utility that is used to separate hot utensils from your tables. Therefore, they help keep the table clean and free of stains.

Before talking about the second type, you must know that pressure cookers are essential kitchenware to make lavishing meals. Moreover, there are a lot of recipes that can be made excellent with the help of pressure cookers. However, various meals require a different volume of pressure.

For instance, some dishes might cook really great at the bottom of the pressure cooker, while some will excel in the middle of your pressure cooker. That's where the other type of trivets come into play. You can place your food at different levels by using pressure cooker trivets.

In this article, you’ll have a look at the best in class trivets of both the types and a lot of information regarding trivets. 

What actually are pressure cooker trivets? 

Basically, pressure cooker trivets are accessories that are used to ease off your cooking process. Moreover, trivets can even extend the capabilities of your existing pressure cooker. Most pressure cooker brands provide trivets along with the appliance. 

However, if you have lost your trivet or haven't gotten one, then it is an excellent investment to buy a trivet. You can cook and pressurize your food as per your comfort and the recipe needs. Therefore, you'll be able to make amazingly tasty food easily.

The other type of trivet is the one that you can use while putting the pressure cooker on your dining table or kitchen slab. These kinds of trivets are available on Ellementry and you can use them to ensure that the hot surface of the cooker doesn't harm the wooden dining table or slab of your kitchen. 

Why are trivets necessary for every household?

Pressure cooker trivets are usually used to elevate your food items above the ground level of your pressure cooker. Trivets are available in various sizes due to which some raise foot till the middle, some take it above the middle range, and some keep it between bottom and middle.

You can use a trivet to steam your food items by pouring water in the pot and placing a trivet of size above the water level along with food. After that, just put it on the stove as usual, and rest all will be done by the cooker and trivet.

Moreover, you can also use your trivet as a food rack for your food items. For example, you can keep your eggs in the trivet and boil them. All you need to do is place the eggs in the trivet and place it in the pot with water. Trivets will ensure that eggs don’t create a hot spot while boiling. 

What’s the appropriate way to use pressure cooker trivets? 

As said above, pressure cooker trivets are used for cooking different meals by using your pressure cooker. They are available in various designs that differ as per their level. Therefore, you can cook different items at the same time by keeping them at different levels in the pressure cooker. 

However, you may wonder that each dish requires a different cooking time. Well, you just need to keep the dish that takes the longest time at the bottom and likewise place the other cooking items in your pressure cooker. 

You can even use the trivet for steaming purposes by adding water along with liquids like vinegar or wine. Moreover, you can even add up herbs to get an even better taste. If you want to steam cook meat then you can also use flavored water with the trivet.

Not only this, you can even bake your own bread by using a trivet. Basically, you can cook anything that requires to be elevated above the floor of the pressure cooker. Hence, dishes like bread can be made without the risk of burning. 

List of best pressure cooker trivets 

  • Silver brass square trivet 

Talking about a minimal design, this trivet made of brass is a great utility to elevate your cooker just above the ground level of your dining table. Moreover, this trivet has a design that can be used for steaming, grilling, and even baking. However, to use it inside the cooker, you will need a mount and size according to your cooker's size.

Furthermore, the build quality of this trivet is just amazing. It has a shiny silver finish with smooth edges. Also, it has a square design that is common among pressure cooker trivets. You can get this fantastic pressure cooker trivet through the Ellementry shop right now.

  • Silver brass rectangle trivet 

Sometimes, extra space is all that you need. This is a trivet that comes in an unusual rectangular shape and can be used to keep food items at an elevated level in the pressure cooker or to keep the cooker itself at an elevated level to protect the tale. The best thing about this trivet is that its unique form allows it to stack below other trivet and provides extra space.

Talking about its build quality, this trivet is also made of silver brass and has a smooth and shiny finish. It also has a grill-like design that makes it multipurpose and useful. Lastly, it has dimensions of 22.75 cm x 16.5 cm x 1.25 cm. You can order the same from Ellementry.

  • Stainless steel trivet 

Moving away from brass metal, this trivet is made of stainless steel. Due to its material, you can get this trivet for an amazingly low cost. However, the low cost of this pressure cooker trivet does not hinder its effectiveness. It works exceptionally well and can elevate your food up to 2 inches.

Therefore, this pressure cooker trivet can be easily used for steaming because its tall size provides enough space to fill water and get your favorite food items cooked.

  • Pressure cooker trivet for electric cooker 

In this pressure cooker trivet set, you don’t get one but two trivets for your pressure cooker. Moreover, the two variants have different sizes and can be used for stacking above each other. Furthermore, their varying size also comes handy in case you have more than one pressure cooker. 

The build quality of these trivets is sturdy and durable. Therefore, you need not worry about getting them broken. Furthermore, these trivets follow a circular design and have a beautiful silver colour with a grill like a shape for all your baking and steaming needs.

  • Long handle silicone trivet 

This design of trivets is comparatively new and unique than the other trivets. Its design consists of long handles that are very handy for your cooking purposes. The best thing about this trivet is that you can fit it in any of your pressure cookers regardless of size.

Moreover, the handle also ensures that you don't burn your hands while taking this pressure cooker trivet out of the pressure cooker. Furthermore, it is made of silicone, so it is completely non-sticky and won't heat up like stainless steel pressure cooker trivets. Lastly, this trivet doesn't cost much.

  • Stackable egg steamer trivet 

This one is also made up of high-quality stainless steel, and its quality is so high that it can be easily used for years. This pressure cooker comes in a set of 2 different pieces that you can use to stack your eggs at different levels separately.

Moreover, it has storage space for more than a dozen eggs. To be precise, 14 in figures. Furthermore, you can prepare an equal amount at once in your pressure cooker with the help of this pressure cooker trivet.

The takeaway 

Whether you want to bake, cook, or even steam something, a trivet can be used for all these purposes with ease. In addition, its other utility where you can put the hot cooker on it to save your table is also very crucial. Do buy trivets from Ellementry to save your tables and kitchen slabs from damage. Visit Ellementry today.

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