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All of us are equally in love with the whiff of warm, freshly made cakes waltzing from the kitchen or the taste of warm cookies dipped in milk makes everyone feel giddy with joy. Baking is an activity that can be both strenuous and extensively satisfying at the same time. But when you finally pull out the baking dish out of the oven, and you see your perfectly baked cake – not too dry, not too wet – the sense of accomplishment is unmatchable. 

This perfection requires suitable aides and a little investment on your behalf on selecting one of the best types of baking dishes that will cater to the latest recipe on your mind. At Ellementry, you will find that your job of sifting through the best kind of baking dishes has now been made a lot easier. 

5 Types of Baking Dishes for Different Purposes

Appropriate usage of baking dishes is the key element to baking fails and successes. You need to be able to decipher the type of baking dish required for the recipe for developing expertise in baking while averting potentially dangerous consequences. At Ellementry, you are provided with a wide range of baking dishes as per your needs that are equally safe and beautiful to look at. Broadly, baking dishes are of five types, each serving their purpose:


  • Metal:


It is common knowledge that metal is an excellent conductor of heat and hence, makes it appropriate for dishes that are required to be crisper than moist such as pizza, fries, etc. Metal-based baking dishes are the best appliance to use when you want to brown the edges of your dish or would prefer the golden-brown, crisp texture of molten cheese. Aluminium baking dishes are the most common types because of its durability and lightness of weight and is best used to make desserts. Stainless Steel and Copper baking dishes are, however, two of the best types when it comes to cooking up your specialities.

  1. Glass:

Glass baking dishes not only have a sophisticated appearance, but they are possibly one of the best types. The primary reason behind this is the fact that they have a non-reactive surface, making the dish safe for consumption. They are great conductors of heat with the added benefit of transparency. You can peek at your goodies while it's being made. Glass baking dishes shouldn't be used directly overheat, which might cause it to explode and cause injuries and wastage of food. Dessert baking in glass bakeware has a better result than metal pans but with the risk of complete ruin. It is better to bake savoury dishes in glass bakeware, instead.

  1. Ceramic:

Ellementry's range of ceramic baking dishes is one of the best available in the market. They believe in creating carefully handcrafted products that are appealing to the eye, safe for food, and durable at the same time. It is quite like glass in the sense that it spreads heat more evenly and are ideal for savoury dishes more than desserts. Ceramic comes with the added benefit of being able to hold heat and keep your food warm for a more extended period outside the oven. Impress your guest with Ellementry's gorgeous peach coloured baking dish while serving up some of your delectable, secret recipes!

  1. Terracotta:

Advantages of using terracotta in the kitchen are increasingly coming to light, and it is nothing but pure joy. Terracotta is an excellent type of baking dish that blesses you with the advantage of even heating to the food in the oven. It is a material that is naturally prone to making the best type of baking dish. Its porous texture makes way for the perfect crust to your meals. is one of the few places where you will find terracotta baking dishes that are not only useful, but it is also desirable. Their range of terracotta baking dishes is absolutely to die for leaving your friends asking for more than just your secret recipe.

  1. Cast Iron:

Cast iron, on the other hand, has been sworn by several confectioners from around the world to be the holy grail of baking. It inhibits the qualities of all the best baking dishes. It can be used to bake a variety of food items while being non-reactive just like glass. It even manages to keep the flavour of your dish completely intact.

These are some of the best types of baking dishes that are currently available in the market. There are a few more that are quite commonly used, such as Silicone. While Silicone has the advantage of flexibility, they are not always delicious baking dishes. It is a poor conductor of heat and thus takes a lot longer to bake in a silicone baking dish than any other. 

Cautionary Points for Baking Dishes

Shopping for different types of baking dishes is just the beginning of your incredible journey into the world of confectionary. It is equally important to maintain these baking dishes that will allow you to do what makes you the happiest; bake. There are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure the correct usage of baking dishes, their maintenance and more fun for you!


  • Aluminium Baking Dishes:


While they are absolute saviours, their major downside is that they degrade quickly when in contact with acidic food items such as tomatoes and citric acid. There is also the risk of aluminium particles slipping into your food while baking. Anodized aluminium baking dishes used in its place is the best solution since anodization provides a protective cover to aluminium and your food.

  1. Melamine Baking Dishes:

Melamine may find accommodation in kitchens increasingly; they are, however, not advisable to use for baking purposes. The consequences are disastrous. This is because melamine is used for industrial purposes, and when subject to heat, the chemicals dissolve in your food caused potential health hazards. Easy to use, nice to look at but dangerous to ingest.


  • Acidic Foods in Metal Baking Dishes:

Baking acidic food in metal baking dishes proves to have unfavourable results. It makes cleaning the dish a headache because they leave behind tricky stains to remove. It also ends up adding a metallic flavour to your food – something that was not in the recipe and not desirable for anyone eating the food.


Baking is a lot of fun, and Ellementry takes it a notch higher by providing you with some of the best types of baking dishes in the market right now. They believe in reinstating the forgotten artistic and cultural history of India by renovating this tradition. Fusion, the amalgamation of distant worlds through age, time or culture, comes alive in the designs of the kitchenware Ellementry makes available to you. They are modern yet traditional, handmade yet perfect, beautiful yet useful. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans, peach colour ceramic and terracotta baking dishes make for resourceful appliances to use when whipping up your grandmother's recipes and equally presentable at the table to impress your guests. Ellementry has made baking a lot more fun.

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