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Thinking about renewing your kitchen or are your kitchen still seems empty to you. Well, we at Ellementry has got you covered. We not only suggest the best pans, pots, and appliances but also the tools that help in tackling those oven-based and stovetop-based cooking projects. 

Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about potholders and oven mitts. Undoubtedly, it is essential to have an oven mitt and potholder in the kitchen that is not only useful, but also should be easy to store, comfortable, and aesthetically satisfactory. 

An oven mitt and pot holder appears to be a simple piece of cloth or material. However, it is useful for providing insulation to the hand while holding a hot item. There are dozens of oven mitts available in the market. Well, it is not merely a piece of material; there is a bit more than that. A variety of mitt and pot holders are available in the market. Still, such mitts do not even fall under the category of the best oven mitts. You need to pick the tool (mitts) carefully because it protects you out during daily usage of the oven. Rather than opting for the first mitt pair that come across your path, choose the one that is best and follows all the below conditions. If an oven mitt and pot holder pass all such circumstances, it is a perfect tool (mitt) for your kitchenware.  

According to the analysis report, the best oven mitt and pot holder can resist some severe heat (temperature around 400-degree Fahrenheit) for up to a minimum of 10 seconds, if not near to a minute. The oven mitt and pot holder has been classified into different categories, which are the following because every individual looks for something specific that will be perfect for his cookware accessories. You need not search for them in the market as well, get them online easily at Ellementry.

Pot Holders

  • When talking about oven mitts, one of the most basic options is potholders; it is undoubtedly a nostalgia vote. For some people, oven mitt and pot holder is the same thing. Let's get nostalgic thinking about our childhood vision's kitchen, where a square piece of cotton cloth was hanging on the hook to hold or handle the hot pot or item. Nowadays, also the nostalgic method or tool is still in use. There is nothing wrong with using old things that make you happy. So if childhood memories of the kitchen inspire an individual, pot holders are the perfect option for him. 

  • The best pot holder has a few characteristics like flexible and easy to accumulate for use at a picnic or barbeque. It is a useful alternative to trivets when looking for a barrier between a table and a hot dish. Besides that, it provides an easy way to grab a potholder, and also requires less time in putting them on. 

  • Usually, the potholder is considered as the least high-functioning tool of cookware because it does not cover much area of the surface and also does not wrap the hand properly. When it comes to the best pot holders, some issues related to the material like customary cotton are also there. Regardless of choosing its subcategory such as terrycloth, quilted, or a poly-cotton blend, they cannot withstand high heat for more than a few seconds. You cannot take a chance by using such a pot holder against any hot liquid or steam that can spill or spread respectively. Even the cotton pot holders which are machine washable start getting unravelled at hems after too many spin cycles in the wash/ dryer tub. When opting for a cotton pot holder, ensure that the material is of high quality and thick. 

It can be concluded that a potholder is undoubtedly a reasonable option and suitable for the one who wants to switch from the oven mitt that he is regularly using. 

Different type of oven mitts are available at Ellementry, and a few of its varieties are the following:

Cotton Oven Mitts

  • Are you fond of cotton as compared to other materials,  then opt for a cotton mitt. Because cotton mitt is not only fit around the hand but also cover its side along with the back of the hand. These mitts usually are a safer option than potholders. Especially when you have to handle the heavier objects. Generally, cotton oven mitts are fabricated using layered and thick fabric that passes almost all kitchen tests, whereas potholder uses thinner cotton fabrics to fabricate.  

  • The standard size of the glove-shaped cotton oven mitt is around 14-17 inches. However, it has various protective advantages as compared to potholders; this type of mitt also has one major drawback. It contains stitched seems and there is a risk of holes, which leads to troublesome holes that can turn a mitt into a useless cloth.

Double-Handed Oven Mitts

  • A different option when finding an oven mitt that covers the maximum surface area is the double-handed oven mitt. A single swath not only hangs easily from an oven door but also provides full-body protection. It covers till the torso along with a hefty pot of cookware that you can carry easily. It is perfect to handle roasting pans and heavy pots, as it allows you to keep the weight of cookware on the body for supporting it. However, it is not a good option while doing light-fingered cooking that needs skill. 

Silicone Oven Mitts

  • Although the cotton fabric is a good option, silicone oven mitts have become the best mitt nowadays because it overcomes all demerits of cotton mitts. The best silicone oven mitts can resist the heat around 450 Fahrenheit. 

  • Silicone has also become an optimal choice due to its easy-to-clean feature. It not only protects from heat but also against hot liquid and steam. The material also falls under the category of getting wet once in a long time.

  • The only drawback of silicon is that usually it absorbs heat for a longer time span when it comes in contact with hot cookware, so you should be careful while handling it after using. Additionally, you need to be conscious while purchasing mitts to avoid conventional rubber material oven mitts, which are not heat resistant. Make sure you read the packaging before making any kitchen purchases!

Fingered Oven Mitts

  • Another form of silicone oven mitts is fingered oven mitts; this type of mitt can also withstand high heat as compared to traditional cotton mitts. These silicone oven mitts have individual compartments for each of the hand fingers. You can freely move your fingers in the best oven mitts, and it will also ease the efforts that require for spinning and positioning hot cookware. Moreover, if you like the idea of additional mastery, you can prefer to mitts that separate thumb from your fingers.

When choosing the elegant mitts that you can hang in the kitchen, Ellementry offers a perfect combination of decent looks and at reasonable prices. The variety of mitt and pot holder range from simple to stylish and muffled colours. You get various options, choose that is most appropriate as per your convenience. Visit to save your time and money.

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