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It’s hard to imagine our dining area without a table runner, right?  We all know that table-runners are basically used for giving our dining tables or other areas, possessing table a decorative feel. It also saves the tables from spills and marks. Different designs of table runners give different texture to your home. And we are blessed, that we are born in an era where there is Ellementry that offers ample options for choosing table linen runners. 

Today, in this blog we will be talking about the top 5 Runner Designs for your dining table which will provide you with an idea of how they look and what design will perfectly complement your dining area. As we have stated in the above paragraph that table runners are made of plastic, paper, and cloth, right? But we in this blog will be talking more about cloth table runner designs, but before jumping directly on the designs, we'll first let you know they need and requirements of table linen runners.

Way to use the table runner

When it reaches the use of table runners and other linens, the rules aren't fastened in stone - they are guidelines. Visualize your table runners as a protecting covering on your table and bring all table linen runners and centrepiece together for a cohesive glimpse. Make a combination of different table runners to give your dining area a mesmerizing glance.

Need for the table runner!

A runner adds life to your table by giving it texture, colour, and interest and is a base starting of your table decor. It even guards your favourite imported table from spills and damages caused by wax or hot pans.

When to use the runner?

Linen runners are used on a daily basis, and some are also kept for use on special events to give the dining area a refined feel. A table runner intensifies your dining space in dramatic or subtle ways depending on the texture and colour you choose. If you get a holiday or festive vibes, then prefer buying a holiday or festive-themed linen runners. And if you only want to make yourself happy and want to gift a cheerful mood for yourself, then adding a new table runner in your room can make a huge difference. 

Choosing the right size is essential!

The standard length of table runners is 36 to 108 inches long, and width is 10 to 15 inches wide. The width table runner should nearly match one-third of the width of your table, and 6 inches should be left to hang over each end. If you are layering your runners with linens, then keep in mind that they should not hang lower than that.

Now, we guess you got enough information regarding the table runner and its use. You can add life to your table decor with the use of your favourite Linen runner designs; you never know who arrives as an uninvited guest at your place. So, preparing beforehand will benefit you. Here are mentioned top 5 table runner designs offered at Ellementry to make your dining space attractive and impressive.

White & Black Damask Print

The white and black colour print is always loved and preferred by the people and especially the one which catches the guest's eyes in one go. Damask prints are invariably stunning for the designer – especially the ones fascinated with vintage. Pink ruffles on the ends are a special technique by designers. You can check out the amazing designs at Ellementry. 

City blocks

City blocks table runner will take your memory to the lane of maps! Travelling is loved by a bunch of people, which might include you and if you get lost anywhere, you can take the help of the map. But not this one; it stays at home! So, you will have to surf websites like Ellementry to take help in this regard.

Cubic Runner

It emphasizes a stencil-like structure of closed and open irregular rectangles and squares. Mesmerisingly asymmetrical in texture and design, the Cubic Runner, is effortless to clean and meant for years of carefree use.

Gilt Runner

Guild the dining table in silver and gold with the Chilewich Gilt Runner. Displaying a naturally timeworn and distressed feel, Gilt available at Ellementry is produced through the usage of spot printing with golden and silver foil on top of a black base.

Modern Runner

The table runner reminds us that we can also create a table runner by ourselves, with the use of left-over fabrics at our place. And sure thing! We can realize how a pair of white and black printed clothes are put together to create an eye-appealing Modern table runner. 

Table Runners can also be customized on buffet bars, consoles, tables, and coffee tables too! Good quality table runners gives an oomph to your furniture and augment the splendour of your home - use them on tables, breakfronts, sideburns, or dressers and add another dimension to your decoration. Linen fabric adds texture and style to any surface - linen table runners’ toil correspondingly well in a casual or formal venue and boosts your tablescape. 

Ellementry table runners add a regal touch and elevate any festivity. We hope the blog has helped you a lot in understanding the use of table runners and why one should use it and how different runner designs can change the overall look of the room. Try one for your dining space by visiting and feel the difference!

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