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Wondering how to make the kitchen more beautiful and your food at the dining table look more attractive, linen tablecloth might truly be the answer. The linen tablecloth is one of the unique features of the entire table. It peeps out of the table mats, makes itself visible in between the plates and creates a background for the entire table. Just like a serene background of a sunrise or a sunset adds a wonderful dimension to the whole frame, the linen tablecloth is something that gives the entire table meaning and completes the frame. The kind of colour that is used, too bright or subtle, the patterns that are created- abstract or structured, the material in use, all speak volumes about the vision of the designer and the food on the menu. They all need to be in sync. 

The fun lies in the details, and if enough thought is invested into choosing the right linen tablecloth for your food place, it is bound to make a mark on the rest of the place. And most importantly, they all need to be pleasing to our eyes and create a wonderful background for our food. Finding your perfect taste can be a bit difficult at times, but websites like Ellementry become the saviour in such cases.

The trick here is that the linen tablecloth, its patterns, colours, and materials should not be too overpowering that it affects the harmony of the food. It should neither be too mellowed down that lowers the vibe of the table. It is a spice that needs to be used in the right amount and has to be well-coordinated with the rest of the food so that its taste is neither overpowering nor insignificant.

The Linen tablecloth is the first thing a customer sees on the table, before the plates arrive and before the delicious food is served. It is in a way something that creates the first impression. It speaks about the personality of the owner, his mood, his vision of creating and developing the dining place. The table cloth supports the customer during the waiting period until the food is served. Hence, its cleanliness and freshness speak volumes about what you can expect next. It also speaks of the sophistication of your food place. Well, we at Ellementry understand that dressing is always very important. 

The choice of the type of linen is not solely dependent upon the items on the table, but the rest of the dining room as well. The dining room is designed, keeping some aesthetics in mind. The menu and its preparation are also based upon similar aesthetics. Hence, the linen tablecloth has to be aligned with this broader vision.  

A Linen tablecloth, besides adding grandeur to the food place, has several practical applications as well. The furniture of the food place is an expensive affair and involves a lot of investment from the side of the owner. Hence, there is a constant need for maintaining it as much as possible. The question is, how to ensure its longevity? The answer lies in the linen tablecloth. The Linen Tablecloth is relatively less expensive, easy to wash, easy to maintain, and easy to replace as well. Its presence protects and covers the classy and expensive furniture for years to come. Additionally, linen tablecloth is one of the very few items used in the food place, which are easy to replace, and its change will change the look of the entire food place

A new design, a new colour or a new pattern of the linen tablecloth will change the look and feel of the entire dining space. Just like variety adds spice to life, a new linen tablecloth, one of the easiest things to replace will modify, rather, further beautify the look of the food place. It is the most distinct and visible part of the table, and a look at the food place, with tables, lined up and linen tablecloths covering them; the linen tablecloth becomes the most eye-catching feature of the food place. Unlike every painting on the wall, which would be unique but different, linen table cloths create a pattern and uniformity for the entire food place that has a voice of its own. No other element in the food place would have a combination of all these features. A beautiful Linen tablecloth can often be self-sufficient for the table. There need not be fancy dining sets or cutlery, and only the linen tablecloth would say it all! The designs of linen tablecloth available at Ellementry will take away all the doubts that you may have. Complimentary items would complete the look and create a work of art.

Also, because it is low in cost and easy to replace if the food place wants to diversify its food items or change the ambience of the food place, an investment in a good linen tablecloth is a great start. It is a wonderful mood changer and gives a new life to space. It can do a makeover of the entire place and add grandeur to it. You can experiment with it, and add newer elements to your dining space

Linen Table cloths are also better than other alternatives- paper or jute napkins. Linen tablecloths are not flimsy to use, do not disturb the plates while eating as they are relatively firm and steady. Children can accidentally spill, and one need not panic about the stains and can use them again after washing. This prevents clutter, disorganized floors, thereby giving a pleasant experience to the customers. Moreover, re-use is an important aspect of a sustainable lifestyle. Linen table cloths allow us to fulfil this objective as well.

If the food place organizes private parties celebrating occasions, the linen tablecloths can be decided to suit the occasion. A Bachelorette party, or an anniversary celebration or a white wedding- the tablecloth will speak for itself and beautify the entire room. Similarly, a theme-based linen tablecloth will highlight the theme of the entire event as linen tablecloth is one thing whose expanse it spreads across the entire food place and is the most visible part of the room. The colours and patterns can be chosen practically-whites and pastels can be used for weddings and anniversaries, and darker shades and printed patterns can be used for birthday parties.

Dining is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life. The food place should ensure that the customer enjoys the experience of dining in that particular food place. The ambience is one of the most important parameters for judging a food place. A food place’s appearance creates a huge impact on the minds of the customers. Thus, one of the secrets to a great food place is the choice of Linen Tablecloths. For further help and to check out more designs, visit

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