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Do you remember that one day when you stood inside your kitchen, clueless? Have you found yourself in the middle of a messy kitchen and at the same time getting late too? Then, a productive kitchen is what you need? You can increase the effectiveness of a kitchen by choosing apt organizing methods. Tickle your creative bone for a while when you are planning to organize your kitchen and make it a productive one.

Ellementry gives you unique ways to think of some ideas for a productive kitchen. “Come on! Buckle Up!” if that is what you tell yourself before entering the kitchen, then your kitchen needs some great organizing to be done.

What do you mean by a productive kitchen?

A simple formula for productivity is— output divided by input. A productive kitchen will be one which will require less time to produce more output. Introspect your routine in the kitchen and see how much time you are spending inside a kitchen and how much time you can save by just increasing the effectiveness of the kitchen. It is necessary to take steps to increase the productivity of a kitchen by making small yet impactful changes.

Do it yourself! Simple hacks for a productive kitchen

These hacks will surely help to increase the productivity of a kitchen-

1. “Let the kingdom fall, for it to rise again”

Well, this sentence depicts a real situation with the kitchen. If you want to organize your kitchen in a way that it becomes productive, just take out everything you have in it. It will blow your mind for a while but be calm and look at a brighter picture. By evacuating your kitchen, you will get to know how many duplicates you have, how many useless or access items you have, how many packets are left open so that it can spoil your kitchen etc. By doing this, it will be easier for you to organize and eliminate similar inventory and utensils in a way that it can increase the effectiveness of the kitchen. You can also seek help for some amazing ideas at Ellementry. Here’s what you can do:

  • Hook up cups, pile up plates you need daily. Count and keep the quantity you actually require rather than keeping spares to avoid washing it when needed.
  • Follow a triangle to access your sink, stove and fridge. That means keep it as close as possible to increase the effectiveness of the kitchen.
  • Make sure your platform or counter is free of unwanted items. One item at a time and once finished put everything at its place to avoid a mess.
  • Decide a place for everything. I.e., your Knife stand, Chakla-belan(rolling pin), Tea/coffee and sugar jars and make sure it is there only. To have a productive kitchen, don’t keep it here and there.

2. Select your organizers wisely

Wisely selected kitchen organizers help a lot to increase the overall effectiveness in the kitchen. There are several options and designs are available in sustainable materials. Wooden organizers like racks, shelves, shelves with hooks, racks with multiple organizing shelves, storage baskets etc. are trending nowadays due to utility features. Not only that, transparent glass jars and storage items are quite preferred to increase the productivity of a kitchen as they provide convenience to the users. So, start searching some effective online platforms like Ellementry to ease out your selection process.

3. Know your weapons well and place them strategically

While we are talking about the kitchen, weapons are knives, cutters, chopping boards, vegetable baskets, strainers, spatulas and many more. Having a chopping board on your service platform can increase the effectiveness in the kitchen as it won’t hurdle your cooking space. Every single item which you need immediately should be kept handy. You can use various storage jars available to stack various types of cutlery. Again, fruit and vegetable baskets can also add an element of compactness to your kitchen. Take assistance from Ellementry to know more about the available options.

4. Drawers do wonders in increasing your kitchen productivity

There is no doubt about the convenience and ease the drawers provide to us. They are quite useful in arranging our utensils, spices, oils, flour and grocery too. Today there are plenty of options available in the market. You can choose and place them right below your counter. Arranging everything inside a drawer is quite easy and the best part about drawers is, they are not boring and they become all the more interesting if chosen from ones available at Ellementry. Drawers can accommodate plates, bowls, spoons, saucers, cooking pans, their lids and what not. It is more of a one-stop solution for increasing the effectiveness in the kitchen and yes, you can have that trendy look too.

5. You surely don’t need everything every day!

We usually stack utensils and gadgets right next to the stove, even on the counter. These gadgets consume Lots of space on your counter and ultimately it will reduce the productivity of your kitchen. To increase the effectiveness in the kitchen you should have a cabinet where you can keep all the gadgets which you use not so regularly. Again, avoid stacking unnecessary utensils near the stove to be superfast in your rush hours.

Quick tips to have an effective kitchen

Effectiveness in a kitchen is a boon and following are quick tips to achieve that-

  1. Hang everything possible as it will be just in front of your eyes
  2. Use chopping boards to avoid stains on the counter
  3. Have a place for kitchen dusters and use them wisely
  4. Have a ‘drop zone’ before kitchen to drop your belongings before entering the kitchen
  5. Stay Organized daily to avoid spending one whole day in arranging kitchen

Mind that organizing is an art when it comes to the kitchen. An organized kitchen will be a productive kitchen where you would love to spend more and more time. Visit for some great ideas and options for a quick buy and no stress. It won’t be a mission then. Use sustainable materials while organizing your kitchen as they will add an element of freshness to your kitchen and good to the environment. Happy cooking to you!

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