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 To be a good hostess, there are certain rules that need to be followed. Similarly, there are proper etiquette rules to be followed on how to treat a hostess. We will share with you such rules so that when you leave a dinner party or a house, you leave a happy hostess behind. 

Always RSVP

Whenever you get an invite, always RSVP to the host/hostess. This is the first rule in the guide of how to treat a hostess. If you have received an invitation in writing, you should follow up with a reply in writing. In case you received a verbal invitation, you can text or call in revert. One should revert the host or hostess as soon as possible as it is an essential etiquette. 

Even if you are unsure about your attendance, you should revert to explaining your dilemma. The host/hostess should not think that you are ignoring their invite. 

Greet Hostess With A Gift

The host and hostess put in a lot of effort for any kind of party or homestay. They do cleaning, bedding, preparing food, decoration in the house, etc. So the least you can do is to arrive with a gift to show your gratitude. There are many gifts that you can gift to impress your hostess, but in order to see a happy hostess, you should be aware of her tastes and preferences. Even if you know a little about your hostess, it’s ok! You can still surprise her. Just be thoughtful. There are some gifts that can make any hostess happy. There are a variety of gifts you can buy for your hostess. We can help you with the shopping part at Ellementry for a happy hostess.  

If you are looking for something unique, then you can gift your hostess Flourish ceramic tea bag rest set of 2 from Ellementry. It is a very thoughtful gift because many people can think of gifting coffee mugs sets or teacups sets but very few think of gifting a tea bag rest. They are beautiful with floral prints on it. 

Another amazing and unique gift for your happy hostess is In vogue coffee mug with bowl and platter from Ellementry. The best part of this gift is a matching bowl with a mug and a platter too. Also, it is thoughtfully packed in an engineered wooden box which is reusable too. It is very friendly with all the three kitchen electronics; dishwasher, oven, and microwave. All it demands is to be handled with love and care. 

Give compliments to your hostess and appreciate the food

In our how to treat a hostess guide, rule number three is to give compliments to your hostess and appreciate the food. There is always something which you can compliment about like dress, earrings, shoes, hairdo, etc. After all women put in a lot of effort to dress up. Secondly, appreciate the food too even if your don’t like anything about the food. Do not ever say the words- ‘eating clean’ even if you are on a diet. Tell the happy hostess that the dish you like the most.  This is a way of showing gratitude as they have put so much effort in either preparing or ordering the dishes for you. 

Lend a hand wherever necessary

If your hostess is busy in the kitchen preparing the dish or cleaning something, you should always offer a helping hand to her. You can help her in many ways. In case of a party on a big scale, you can offer her driving skills to get something from the market. They may say ‘no’ to you in politeness for the first time but if you may insist the second time, they may agree. Offer your help even after the party or dinner for cleaning and wrapping up the party. 

Give the host personal space too

Your hosts may be very happy to see you but it doesn’t mean that they would like to spend every minute with you. Respect that! Always ask them to join you while enjoying food or drinks. But do not push them. They may have other guests to attend or so many chores to do. You are a guest here and maybe on a holiday but a hostess has so many obligations to do. Understand that. 

Maintain the Cleanliness

Do not litter around thinking the place is not yours or thinking that you are new to the place and do not know much about things around. Always ask for help when required. Ask where to bin the stuff, where to keep the cutlery, from where to get the water, etc? Your kind actions will save a lot of work for them after the party. Whatever you do at your home, do not do the same at your hostess’s place. They may have different ways of doing things and you may end up making your happy host upset. You should know how to treat your host so that they do not get upset by any of your gestures. 

Leave a parting gift

In case you are staying at your hostess for some duration of time, always leave a parting gift. During the stay, you must have noticed what are the likes and dislikes of your hostess. As you have a fair idea about it, you can buy a good gift for her. This will help you show your gratitude or decency as a human being. 

Send a thank-you note

When you return home, reach out one more time to your guests to appreciate their hospitality. They hosted you after all. You can send them a quick note to express your gratitude that would suffice. You can also call them and tell them that you have reached safely and how much you enjoyed at their place. Invite them to your place too. Tell them that you would love to host them too. 

So now you know how to treat a hostess and what gifts to buy for a happy hostess. Do not forget to reach our Ellementry website for any help in this regard. Happy shopping! 

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