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Are you getting bored staying at home during this quarantine? If you are, chances are you could use some entertainment. Now, we do not mean, turning the music up loud and annoying your neighbours. No! We are suggesting, you put on your chef’s hat and get cooking.

One of the best ways to spend time with your family during the lockdown is to cook some unique and tasty meals. Now, when it comes to cooking, you might have already prepared the generic meals tons of times.

So, it is natural that you might not want to cook the same chole puri, or biriyani this quarantine season. Well, worry not! We won’t ask you to indulge and cook basic meals all over again. Today, we are going to give cooking a new front, by preparing several cross-culture meals.

Cross-culture meals, normally are the fusion of one or two different items to create a delectable recipe.

So, if you are ready, sit tight and check out these 7 cross-culture meals to eat during the quarantine.

Starting with,

  1. Pudina Pasta Chutney

    The pudina pasta chutney is very a good combination of a cross-culture recipe as this one is ideal to steal hearts. This one does not use the original white sauce or the tomato puree, but it uses freshly ground pudina leaves.

    To make this recipe, you need freshly ground pudina, tamarind paste, chillies, coriander leaves, and chillies. Once you do, you have a spicy and tangy filling for your pasta. Now, cook the pasta in some olive oil and salt and then mix it with the green paste.

    The end result will be a spiced-up combination of pudina pasta, which is very tangy. For best results and some continental feels, have this item with some herbs like oregano and chilli flakes. You can also serve this with spaghetti, penne or macaroni, as either way the pasta will look very fulfilling.

  2. Indo-Mexican Rice

    The second cross-culture fusion dish on our list is the Asian-Mexican fried rice. This one is ideal for those who like spices and delectable flavours. To make this dish, you need to cook some brown rice and set it aside in a container.

    Next, in a bowl add sriracha and sugar and mix it well. Once done, cook some chorizo and let it rest. After this, in a skillet add some sliced serranos, diced onions, bell peppers and minced garlic.

    Now, add rice to the veggies and mix the sugar and sriracha over it. Once done, add some scrambled eggs, to the combination along with the soy sauce, chorizo and sesame oil. Now, whisk the mixture completely and there you have for yourself a ready to eat indo-Mexican fried rice.

  3. Schezwan Noodle Sub

    If you want to add some edge to your regular sandwich, the schezwan noodle sub is the right choice. To make this family and kid-friendly recipe, you need to stock up on some nice subs. Now, cook the schezwan noodles the way you like.

    For this, boil some noodles; add a few veggies with soy and schezwan sauce to make the spicy noodles. Once done, stir fry some meat or sausages and create the filling for the sub. Now, take a slice of the sub, and add a layer of salami in it. Next, add some cheese slices and then add the schezwan noodles before adding the final layer of the sub.

    Serve this with some fiery tomato sauce or cheese dip. Your child will naturally, love this sub, and even your family members will enjoy this delectable cross-fusion recipe during a boring quarantine meal day.

  4. Jalapeno Stuffed Cheese Kachoris

    The jalapeno stuffed cheese kachoris, taste as good as they sound. Plus, these are quite simple to make too. To make this delectable snack, you need to pour some oil, sieve flour and rub it with your hands. Next, add black onion seed, salt and carom (ajwain) and mix it well.

    Once done, knead and make it into a nice dough. Now, take small portions of the dough, roll it and then set it aside. Now, on a low flame, add some paneer, salt, carom, red chilli powder and cook it well. Once done, grate jalapeno and cheddar inside this mixture and cook the base.

    Now, take this base, and put it inside the dough to make a nice stuffing, seal the dough. After this, deep fry the kachori and serve it with pudina and tamarind chutney.

    The entire mixture is very delicious and is perfect for a late evening snack with some tea and snacks.

  5. Lime Watermelon Slushy

    The sixth cross-culture recipe to try for the summer is the watermelon lime slushy. To make this, take some seedless watermelon and crush these to make a semi-solid mash. Once that is done, add some mint leaves, ice cubes, fresh lime juice along with some rock salt and sugar. Place this in a freezer and serve it cold in a tall glass.

    You can check out many variants of glass from websites like Ellementry. Serving this slushy in a stylish glass will make it look good and fancy.

  6. Pav Bhaji Pasta

    Just like the pudina pasta, the pav bhaji pasta is another winning recipe to try out this quarantine season. To make this one, boil some pasta in olive oil and salt and let it rest. Next make a pav bhaji paste, by adding salt, pepper, pav bhaji masala with an assortment of veggies. Once done, mix this with the boiled pasta well.

Now, serve this warm with some cilantro and herbs and you can enjoy tangy pasta, desi style.

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Well, now that you are aware of the 6 types of cross-culture recipes to try for your cooking book, start preparing these now and share us your creations tagging us on Instagram. For more such entertaining blogs check out websites like Ellementry!

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